Which Online Course Is Best For Making Money From Home

Are you wondering what might be the best online course to make money from home fast? Or is it really worth investing your money in courses at all! Read ahead you will find your answers here.

The cold hard fact is this – It takes money to make money!

Seriously? You must be asking… Let me tell you why…

You will find tons of videos, tutorials, and guides on making money online for free. Well, they might have worked well years before.

As more and more entrepreneurs or online marketer rises massively, the competition becomes tougher and tougher. You will not find success much unless what you are doing is something that is unique and specialized and is in demand!

For the majority of beginners, investing in courses i.e having a mentor is a necessity now.

Wait… Wait… Did I say, mentor? What does it have to do with courses?

Let me put it this way. Every course you enrolled in has a creator. Once you register or enrolled as a member or student, the instructor or creator becomes your teacher, guide – Mentor.

So, registering for a course indirectly means you opted in to be under the guidance of ‘someone’ who has mastered the techniques of what you want to know and learn. Automatically, that ‘someone’ becomes your mentor.

You can very well have ‘Free’ advice which is practicable but the ‘Specific techniques’ are found when you become a member of a course or program or have a good mentor!

I hope that makes sense! Yeah?


Without a doubt, having someone to guide you step-by-step and see your every move by someone who’s done that and seen that before is also a sure way to succeed.

When I started out, I tried to start out for free. There is no harm in that. You too can. But, what you will miss out on is ‘those specific methods and formulas’ which you will find in a course or from a mentor only.

Of course, for most people when you are a beginner, either you are completely new or knows something about your niche, it doesn’t matter much because there are tons of videos and tutorials on every topic and you won’t be knowing which one works or which ones doesn’t! That was the case with me.

I struggled for two years as an online marketer trying to learn and build my knowledge on every guide and tutorials I found on the net! I do learn many things… I even filled 5 booklets with information.

One fine day, after gaining as much knowledge as I could and feeling I am ready I started my journey on this online business. Then slowly I realized I really needed specific instructions and information on what I was doing as I didn’t make any money for two years. I couldn’t figure out where I go wrong!

That was when I decided on getting myself a mentor!!

And I was really frustrated when I finally got one! Because, it has finally dawned on me that, all those years I have been doing things the wrong way! Yes, not all… but many! Few months of my time became wasted in correcting whatever I have done wrong!

And if I get started the right way from the beginning, I could spare a few months that I can use in scaling up my business. I have five of my sites running on different niches but with no earnings!

Then, I started enrolling in the Evergreen Wealth Formula, And, in the learning process itself my earning started. My first earning was $19.70. It’s not a big amount but it sure put me on fire. I made money online for the first time in my life!

Which Online Course Is Best For Making Money From Home?

Now, it’s not necessary that what may be best for me might be the best for you too. It all depends on your niche on which you want to build your business.

Moreover, it also somehow depends on the trends. However, certain principles work the same regardless of what type of business you are in!

Here are a few selections of the courses you can consider. They might not be the best (as the best depends on you and your efforts), but are based on my experience and positive reviews from many successful marketers around the world!




1.  ClickBank University 2.0

Product Name: ClickBank University 2.0

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $47 per month with 1 live training webinar per week

Creator: Adam & Justin

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

Product Name: evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $197 one-time payment with lifetime updates

Creator: James scholes

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

What you will need with this course –

– Your own website.

– Email Marketing Software.

It also gave very useful and practical methods and training on leveraging social media platforms even if you don’t have your own website. Honestly, I feel it is one of the cheapest but very doable course I have come across in my online business venture.

For more details about this course see my review of the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 here.


3. 12 Minutes Affiliates


Product Name: 12 minutes Affiliate

Product Type: Done-for-you affiliate marketing software

Price: $9.96 trial for 14 days, then $97 per month for 3 different niches

Creator: Devon Brown

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

What you will need:

Autoresponder –  It is integrated with Aweber. 80 sets of email swipes are available for those using another autoresponder. All you have to do is copy-paste them into your preferred autoresponder.

For more detail read my review on 12 Minutes Affiliate here.


4. Super Affiliates System


Product Name: Super Affiliate System

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $997 One-time payment

Creator: John Crestani

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

If you have a good amount of money to invest from the start, this system can help you make a good amount of money. It is based on paid traffic and ads for promoting offers.

For more detail, check my review of the Super Affiliate System here.


5. 1K A Day Fast Track


Product Name: 1K A Day

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $997 One-time payment

Creator: Merlin Holmes

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

You can go for it if you have enough cash to invest.

For more details check the 1K A Day Fast Track here. 





1. Vidbullet


Product Name: vidBullet

Product Type: Professional Video Marketing Course

Price: $67 One-time payment

Creator: Chris Munch

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

Highly recommended as videos are more stimulating and boost engagements.

For more details check it out from the creator himself here.




1. Income School Project24


Product Name: Income School Project 24

Product Type: Niche Blogging Course

Price: $449 for the first year and $199 for the successive years

Creator: Jim & Ricky

Suitable For: All levels of marketers especially beginners & intermediates

Highly recommended as you will learn valuable and actionable steps very specific to different niches. They actually over-delivered too.

Check out the Income School Project24 here for more details.

Advantages Of Investing In A Course Or Mentor

1. There is no ‘Guess-work’

When you invested in a course and have a mentor, there is no wondering whether it will work or not! You know exactly what to do and what to avoid. But, I must warn you also that all course won’t be genuine for the obvious reasons that many people try to make fool of especially those beginners and take their hard-earned money. 

2. Your Every Move Is Watched

Your mentor will guide you hand-in-hand and direct your every step which will allow you to go on the right path and succeed.

3. You Will Learn Faster

There will no wasting of time as you will dive directly into what works best. The learning curve will be much shorter and have the right implementation from the very start. Your mentor will know where you go wrong and foresee where you might end up and help you in improving.

4. You Will Earn Faster

With a trusted mentor you will see results much faster and start making money. But, there is no guarantee that you will also have success and have the same results exactly. On the contrary, you can also scale much greater. It all depends on how much you are willing to follow the instructions and put in your efforts in a consistent way.

5. You Will Be Encouraged  And Grow More

Your mentor will encourage you to be successful in every possible way and you will see growth not only in your business but in your personalities also.

6. You Will Get The Right Exposure With The Right Connections

A mentor can provide access to those within your industry that are willing to invest their skills and expertise in you and help you get closer to your target. Most mentors shared their network with their students which open more opportunities for growth and success.

Disadvantages Of Investing In Courses Or Mentor

1. Most true and workable business courses come with a price tag that can be as high as $2,000 or more.

2. There is a chance of you investing your money on crappy and outdated program if you haven’t done your research well enough! The market is full of those shits!

3. It won’t work if you are not willing to give effort and time and have no patience.

4. If you suffer from ‘ Shiny object syndrome’, it won’t work either.

5. Takes some time to see results. But, as you empower yourself with more knowledge and experiences, it sure can change your life forever.

To Sum Up

I don’t deny the fact that you can very well make money online or offline for free. It depends on how good and efficient you are in implementing what you know. 

Suppose, if you aren’t new to blogging, you can very well start something new for free which is related to blogging. And you will also see results because you already knew what you are doing.

On the contrary, if you are just starting, I once again recommend you to start with one of those courses mentioned above – My reasons?

1. You may be smart and hard-working, but you are Completely New To This Business Model.

2. You need to Start it Right from the beginning to save – Time, Money, Energy.

3. You have to Do it Right from the beginning. You don’t want to spend half of the time you spent doing something and then spent another half doing corrections to the works you have already done!

If you want to grow faster, make money more, and excel in your business, investing in a suitable course according to your interest or niche might be one of those best decisions you have taken in your life!

You will be more than happy to know that it really saves you tons of your time, efforts, and money – which you will realize later on!

Some very important SECRETS TO SUCCESS you need to know: 

1. To become successful in online business, either you have your own product or you sell other’s products. Having your own product is more profitable as you can pocket all your money. Your own product can be something like courses, ebooks, etc.

2. You have to start at the right footing from the beginning – To save time, money, and energy.

3. You have to do it right from the start. You don’t want to end up wasting your time in doing the corrections of what you have already built.

4. Stick to one thing at a time. Focus on one thing until you succeed.

5. Have only one right mentor at a time – who believes and encourages you to succeed. 

6. Having more than one mentor at a time can make you more confused, especially if you are a complete beginner. However, once you know and understand well, and as you started seeing results, you can look for more mentors in the same or different niche if you wish to.

7. Your life will never change by dreaming alone, it will change when you Start Taking Actions On Your Dreams starting NOW!

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