What Is Easy1Up? Is Easy1Up A Scam Or Legit?

If you are looking for ways to make money online, you might have definitely come upon Easy1Up. Many affiliate marketers including 7-figures earners are also promoting Easy1Up. 

Are all those for promotional purposes and luring innocent newbies to buy the product? Is Easy1Up real? Or just a scam to loot people out of their hard-earned money? Let’s find out. 


What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is an online business opportunity that provides not only educational material for business owners but is also a ‘Network Marketing’ style affiliate program that pays members to sell digital products.

Easy1Up is a system that is based on multi-level marketingIt is introduced by Peter Wolfing, a Digital Marketer with 20+ years of experience and also the CEO of Multiplex Systems LLC.

Peter has been developing and providing support services and training products to network marketing companies. He has introduced powerful tools to the Network Marketing arena to help companies and their distributors build strong. Tools such as phone broadcasting, email marketing, forum prospecting, list scraping software, educational webinars, and even text broadcasting. 


Peter has also co-authored a book with Sir Richard Branson called Performance 360 which has also reached best-seller status. He is an in-demand speaker and trainer on such topics as leadership, communication, sales, digital products, affiliate, and network marketing and he is a certified John Maxwell Team Executive Director. You can check out his profile at peterwolfing.com

Easy1Up Products


Easy1Up sells a collection or series of video courses on Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc. The product cost varies from $25 to $1000. 

Easy1Up comes with six different packages, each with a one-time payment fee. However, You will need a sponsor to buy any product, or merely meaning you need a referral link by an affiliate to buy a package. 

1. Elevation – $25



2. Elevation Elite – $100



3. Vertex – $250



4. Vertex Elite – $500



5. Vertex Pro Connect – $1,000



6. Vertex Live – $2,000


Why do people sell Easy1Up products?


Easy1Up uses a reverse1up system that means the second sale you make goes to your sponsor and the second sale your customer makes will come to you. A typical system of MLM.

Easy1Up gives 100% commission on sales you make. Suppose, Bob buys a product. He now becomes a customer as well as a seller of Easy1Up products. He convinced Dave to join easy1up and buys a product. Now, Bob will get all the money that equals the price of the product sold to Dave. So, That’s how people buy the product not just for the course and I won’t be wrong to say that most people join to earn money by selling.

Often times, products in such a multi-level marketing system are just a lure or bait used for recruitment. At first, one person is recruited by a seller then in order to compensate for his investment or earn, he recruits another person. So, the chain goes on and on.




I must say that Easy1Up is 100% legit and real and you can make a good income out of it. However, the problem with multi-level marketing is the foremost focus is on self-promotion. The money people make from Easy1Up or any MLM products is the investments of people.

The whole company relies on the network of people and not on the product. It exists because people are referring or selling to others as an opportunity to make money. Once everyone decides not to sell, the whole company will crash, and the most affected ones will be the people at the lowest level or newly joined peopleThese types of products are only for the long term and those who are persistent, no matter what!

I am not a big fan of MLM, however, since the earning potential is good I do enrol in a few MLMs which Easy1Up is one of them. And if you are hard-working and would like to make good commissions and understands how MLM works, there is no harm in you sign up for Easy1Up.

The downside with most MLM is that your earnings grows when you have more and more people under you. That is the hardest thing. 

FAQs On Easy1Up


Who is a Sponsor is Easy1Up?

The person who sells you a product or the owner of the referral link which you use to join Easy1Up is called a sponsor. You cannot become a member of the Easy1Up without any sponsor.

What is a chain or pyramid system or scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a business model with a network marketing model that recruits people or members with a promise of payments for recruiting others into the system.

What products does Easy1Up sell?

Easy1Up sells digital products related to digital marketing. All the products are categorized into different product packages which differ according to their price. These contents mostly focus on marketing training.

How does Easy1Up earn?

For every product you buy, an extra charge of 10% known as the admin fee is added to the one-time payment fee. This admin fee goes to the company.

How to join Easy1Up?

You need a referral link in order to join or buy any product.

Honestly, I would recommend you to try something else like start a blog or enrol in this course if you have that much money to invest. Still, if you want to try it out, you can find the sign-up link here.


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