THRIIVE By Mark Bishop Latest Review

thriive-by-mark-bishop-latest-reviewAre you trying to find out if you really could make money out of this Thriive Software which is created by none other than Mark Bishop, Venkata, and Nakul?

Or want to know is it just another scam that will take money out of your wallet in which the product will lie idle in your data collecting dust as you realized you have been fooled yet once AGAIN?

Here is my honest review of Thriive By Mark Bishop and find out if you can really make money with just 4 simple clicks!

What Is THRIIVE Software?

Product Name: THRIIVE

Product Type: Micro System Automation Software

Price: $17 ($14 with a discount) for one niche microsystem.

Creator: Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramani & Nakul N

Created For: All levels of marketers 

Recommended: No

As claimed on the sales page, Thriive is a cloud-based, newbie-friendly ‘microsystem automation software’.

Thriive works in 4 simple steps, all executed automatically by the software, without any marketing or technical expertise required.

  1. Instantly reveal profitable audiences
  2. Create a ‘Thriive Hub’ in a few clicks
  3. Plugin multiple streams of income
  4. Activate the entire microsystem business

You actually don’t need any technical expertise at all to make money with Thriive. Web hosting is also included in the package. You just have to give a name to your sub-domain.


What Is A Micro System? How does this work?

In simple words, the microsystem is a small business.

Thriive generates entire profitable microsystems in just a few clicks of the mouse with minimal work.

In addition to the creation of the Hub, the software also helps with selecting a profitable niche and driving traffic.

Can You Really Make Money With THRIIVE?

You might be able to make some money with Thriive. But, I doubt if you could make a lot of money even if you buy all the upgrades. 

Honestly, I haven’t made any money out of the DFY automated software I ever bought so far!

The sellers are so convincing and reading their marketing pitch and watching the sales videos kind of compels me to keep on buying those kinds of software one after another …

Until it, dawn on me and I came to my senses that I am never gonna make money with this. The best way to go about it is to educate myself in building skills. And then, my life takes a U-turn.

Is THRIIVE Software suitable for newbies?

But, contrary to what it claimed, I sincerely doubt if it’s at all suitable for newbies nor will it make you good passive income.

Honestly, you would be much better off if you get this Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 which comes with a one-time payment of $97 and this literally will educate you from baby steps on how you be able to make money online.

The course is very extensive but I can assure you that in the end, you will know that you have learned something that paves the way to your making money online.

Here are my reasons why you might not make money with THRIIVE 

1. No software can provide built-in hidden audiences in minutes. It’s a 100% fake claim. If so everybody doing internet marketing will be rich by now.

2. You can’t create your Thriive hub with a few clicks only. You will need to do more than that!

3. You might benefit only if you purchase all 5 upgrades/OTOs for getting full features of this product.

  • Thriive Gold – $47 – 3 Sites Creation + users can target additional niches + syndication to 6 platforms (additional 1 platform)
  • Thriive Agency Unlimited – $67 – Reseller Package – Unlimited Sales
  • Thriive Pro – $67 – 10 Sites Creation + Users can target additional niches + Syndication to 7 platforms (additional 2 platforms)
  • Thriive Instant Mega Traffic – $97
  • Thriive 1K Week V3 – $127 – 1K Week V3 Video Tutorial with Done-for-you products + 7 Products + Reseller Commissions on all 7 products. 

4. Using any software no one can earn massive passive income unless you are the creator.

5. It is just a cloud-based software affiliate site that will never rank in Google. As you will be posting duplicate content.

6. This software and system can’t provide you targeted traffic for making leads, traffic, and sales. I have more than 6 affiliate software which I bought in my starting days and earn nothing out of it. Believe me.

7. As far as I know, there are only two ways to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

One way is Free traffic, which you really need to work hard for it. As you are looking for free traffic, you need to build your own website with valuable content, do proper SEO and rank your site, or post some eye-catching ‘Hooks’ to make sales using your social media platforms.

The bottom line is, free traffic doesn’t come cheap. You have to sweat for it!

The second way is Paid traffic or Solo Ads in which you have to buy traffic from vendors. The most common place to buy traffic is Udimi. The price depends on the quality of the traffic – Tier 1 traffic will cost you more in comparison to Tier 3 countries. The Top Tier countries are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. On average, for 100 visits to your link, you have to pay $50 to $150 for the top tier countries.

8. This is not unique, powerful, and simple software. These types of software are found everywhere especially on WarriorPlus. Where sellers kept on releasing the same funda type of software with a little tweak and gave different names once or twice a month!

9. You can never make a passive income stream using DFY software which is easily available to everyone unless you do something very unique which anyone else has never done before! And that I also don’t know!

Final Say On THRIIVE Software

As flashy and convincing it might sound, I must say investing in such kind of DFY Automation Software for making money online doesn’t work except for the creator.

With a $17 FE sale price, you will have the option for only one microsite which means there is no guarantee that it will work as these types of software sites never rank in the search engines.

Another drawback with DFY software is you will not learn anything … that means you will develop no skill! You will depend on your money and the software alone. 

And to make enough money, you need to give a monthly fee or pay a higher amount of money so that you will be able to use the software to its potential! That will cost you more than what you have imagined or expected!

What if you invest in yourself and develop a skill that you can fall back on, that you can independently and individually run it yourself? Won’t it be more profitable in the long run? And in case, if any goes wrong, you can rebuild it again and again!


If you know how much I actually earn in filling out surveys or trying out websites or sharing shortened links using URL Shorteners, etc. then you are in for a surprise. 

Because the truth is far worse than what many people claimed!

In fact, I even doubt if people really make a living out of doing all those kinds of stuff, because I also tried my very best, working my butt off day and night trying to squeeze in some money and all I could get was a meagre $97? I kid you not!

Instead of giving your precious time for a few cents here or there, here is a much much and 100 times much better way to make money online.

The most profitable way is to Start A Blog. Hands down.

You might be asking, a blog needs to be something with having good content, etc., etc. and you have no idea at all.

What I mean by a blog is, it need not necessarily be a website with many contents.  You can start a blog with only one-page website even.

If you already have some idea, then get the best domain and hosting at Bluehost here.

How you will be able to drive traffic to your blog depends on the niche you are choosing on low competition keywords and the number of your competitors in the market.

I can’t guarantee that you will earn $1,000 or more per month – But, one thing is for sure – if you follow exactly the steps mentioned, you are sure to make money. Ultimately, it depends on how much you are willing to do the work diligently and do the right thing from the start.

So, what are you waiting for? Start right here at Bluehost.

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