About Me

Hello… I am MLian, the owner of this site.

My main motive for starting this blog is to Help You Get Started With The Right Footing With Practical And Actionable Ways To Earn Money Online or Offline. That is, making money passively.

My Story

Life was a breeze when I was young. We literally have everything we want as my dad was in the Army.

Back in the 1970’s having a job was such an extravagance as most people could survive without actually spending money. 

Living a decent life, the most spendings are on food products and most homes have their own garden or farm where they cultivate vegetables, fruits, or any food product.

In fact, we never buy vegetables or fruits as we have them in our garden and fields. So, the need for spending money on food is very less.

But now, things were different. With modernization and the increasing technology with increasing population forced us to look out for jobs or make money to sustain ourselves and our families!

I grew up having the mentality that I need to have a decent job to make a living. So, the idea of being an entrepreneur or anything like that never cross my mind. I mean like running a business or shop was never an idea.

However, I don’t want to ask for pocket money from my parents. So, I became a news hawker with a 2% commission for almost a year during my high school days. it’s good money for a kid of my age!

And then I worked as an assistant manager in a typing institute after my school hours.

The struggle began when I passed out my high school. I did get a job, enough to buy food and other essentials only. 

And then I got married and by then I had a much better salary to support my whole family. 

My husband being a self-employed musician and videographer taught me how peaceful it is to have a life of your own. You do what you want to do at your own pace and time and with no one to give you instructions on what you should do! And yeah… it makes me think but not enough to catapult me to start something and I don’t have an idea, literally!

To me, having a job is the only way to have a decent life and I have got a good one. So, I was just satisfied.

Things happened after my daughter was born and I have to rejoin my work after taking maternity leave!

I dreaded going to work and used to count the hours in reverse… like 7 hours for home…4 hours for home now… and it’s a daily routine.

Times seem to be still when you are at work. But at home, you are like ‘ OMG! how come time flies by so fast…’ That would be the case with many people too.

That is the time when I was introduced to MLMs. The idea intrigued me. And I ended up signing up for a few. Invested tons of money into it but… it’s not like what I thought! I realized I can’t do it!

And then my trials of failures started as I tried my hands on everything I could possibly get upon.

Money is a tool that we cannot live without now. And many homes are broken due to a sheer lack of finances.

If you happened to never witness such a shortage of finances in your life, you are really blessed because for many people, these types of situations are a part of their day-to-day struggles at least for some period of time, including mine.

Why should you Trust me? 

Because I spent years researching and implementing what I thought would be working with many trials and failures to know what really works and what did not … and in the process, I end up losing a lot of money! Yes, I mean a ton of money (more than 10 grand) until I find out what really works!

I have tried MLMs too and ended up investing thousands and thousands of money with no real results! Arrghhh… it still broke my heart and sometimes is still a nagging-friction-conflict between me and my husband, seriously!

Why Do I Care For You?

Making money is everyone’s desire. Who wouldn’t in their clear mind want to live a better and comfortable life?

And the internet is flooded with thousands of guides, tutorials that pretend to teach you how to make passive income, but all it did ultimately was make you purchase products that don’t help you at all.

The truth is, my heart is broken by those people who took advantage of those innocent hearts into making them believe that they can become rich with their products.

And Believe Me … I sincerely do not want you to go through what I have gone through!

You need not spent that much money as I do if you start the right way and the right thing from the beginning.

You can do everything for free in terms of money. However, if your mission is to make a sustainable income stream down the line, then investing some amount of money in the right business is the right way to go.

What About You?

The reason for you coming to this site might be different from mine.

Maybe you want to have a luxurious life or maybe something else.

Ultimately, it comes to making money and earning extra money to make your life easier.

Whatever your reason may, all I have to say is, to start it the right way!

Are you familiar with the words Passive and Active Income?

Let me show you the difference ...

PASSIVE INCOME is an Income that comes in, even when you aren’t working. It is scalable, enjoyable, and allows you to create a lifestyle that isn’t possible from just active income source.

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In other words, it is a source of income that will come in even if you are not actively working. It is created by investing in money or time. If you lack the funds, you can still invest your time to build up passive income sources.

Now, you must know that money is not a compulsory factor here. If you have money that is better. However, if you have no fund, the only option is to invest time upfront (in place of money) and reap the benefits of passive income down the road. You definitely can build a passive income stream(s) over time, but you need to invest either time or money to make it happen. There is no other way or shortcut.

For Example: You wrote an eBook and put it up for sale on a website say, like Amazon and that product generates sales for you on a regular basis – day after days, month after months and it will continue!

You give EFFORTS and wrote that eBook ONCE, but you are getting paid over and over again – every time when someone makes a purchase! Bam!! That is Passive Income.

REMEMBER: We are not talking about getting rich overnight. Rather, you need to give efforts first to reap the benefits … But with the RIGHT Ways. 

No Pains, No Gains. That’s the Universal Rule.

ACTIVE INCOME: Active Income is the income that comes from exchanging your time - for money. That means, you are paid according to the amount of time you give for the work!

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For Example: The typical hourly, salary, or freelance jobs are all considered active income. 

Another way to identify active income is to consider what will happen if you stop working – If you no longer make money because you stopped to work, it definitely is an active income. 

You see the vast differences here. I literally have to kick myself to start it out! Once the results start pouring in, it surprises me. In fact, my only regret was, that for so long I was ignorant about the power of passive income and how it can change lives. I was scared and reluctant to even give a try! Maybe you were in that situation too! 

Of course, it didn’t go right at the beginning even though I learned and invested an ample amount of my time, money, and energy. So, I encourage you not to give up even though you most probably won’t get it right on your first try, because I know it do really works! 

Take this the same way you’d have done if you enroll in a college or institution and you will see your hard work pays off one day. See, if you enroll yourself in a college or any institution, you attentively give your time and energy for a period of maybe six months, one, two, or three years to complete the courses and get good grades with a certificate.  

Then, you applied for a job and you get one. Your day starts and ends the same way yesterday, today, and for the next days, months, and years to come! Work-Home-Work-Home-Work-Home-Work-Home… the cycle goes on and on! 

Not to mention the atmosphere at your workplace. If you are one of those blessed few who have all the recognition and applause, it would be great! Even then, you make a mistake once, it would be like, you are the dumbest!

It’s human nature to Write all your good deeds on water but your mistakes on Rocks! 

You see the point here! Working from home, you are your own boss, you choose when, how, where you want to work. It is not necessary to leave your good job, though. You can work in your free time. 

When you started to have cash flow consistently more than what your job gives you, then you can consider leaving your job, if you want to. This way, you will be able to sustain yourself when you are just starting.

Let's See The Ways To Make Passive Income

There are THREE MAIN WAYS to making a passive income –
1. Investing Your Money
2. Investing Your Time and on Yourself
3. Capitalizing / Leveraging on things you already do (to be precise, things you already enjoy doing it). 

If you have the money – not necessarily a big amount, you’ll have access to all three on this list easily and you can grow faster.  

I highly recommend you to invest some amount of money from the start on the right business because that is the only proven and fastest way to make you successful in your venture! 

If you do not have the money, don’t worry. You can invest your time and leverage on things you already do. But that would mean you should expect it to take a little longer to start earning passive income.


Everything sounds so simple in theory, but in practical we often found that it ain’t that simple as it sounds! Right?

It applies to everything in this world. Well, maybe for some countable people everything might be as simple as ABC. But, generally speaking, if you need to achieve something, you need to give efforts – at least a little bit of effort!

Nothing is Really Free!

The saying, No Pains, No Gains” is universally true. But, there is also a saying, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”. Yes, if you are willing to do, there will always be a way. Either you will Make a way, or you will Find a way!

And if you are not willing to give any effort, then this site is NOT for you. No B.S get rich quick scheme here! You need to work!

But, if you are willing to learn the RIGHT WAY and want to know how you can create passive income streams, then definitely this is the RIGHT PLACE for you because here you will find easy to understand practical guides that will help you or at least GET you started!

Money is very important. I do believe money can buy you happiness to some extend. 

It is really depressing, frustrating, and embarrassing when you have no money at all. 

In fact, life sucks when you are in a shortage of money all the time! 

This is the reason why Passive Inflow is created To Help You Get Started With Actionable And Practical Ways in which you can EARN MONEY, be it online or offline, and be able to stand on your two feet with head held high and Control your money instead of money controlling or restricting you!

Now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing ... Let's roll!

And if you ever want to contact me for any reason, feel free to shoot me your message anytime at mlian@passiveinflow.com