How To Make Money With CPAGrip

CPAGrip has been in business since 2013 and offers its affiliates the opportunity to monetize their content with CPA, CPI ads by using tools such as the Content, File, URL, and Link Lockers.  

Can You Really Make Money With CPAGrip? Or Is It Just A Scam?

Let’s find it out…

How Does CPAGrip Work?

CPAGrip allows you to lock anything for which the person needs to enter his email or perform any task before he got the actual content they want to know or see.

how-to-make-money-with-cpa-gripThe means by which you lock the contents are called monetization tools. CPAGrip offers 5 different monetization tools. 

These tools are Virtual Currency, Offer Walls, Video Lockers, Content Lockers and URL,s and Download Lockers.  

Virtual Currency is available for the publishers to set up on their own terms.  Offer Walls will show the latest offers from the providers and what the payouts are for that offer.  Anytime someone completes an action within the offer you get paid.

Video Lockers are videos that are locked until your client completes whatever task it is they needed to complete to see the video and information.

Content Lockers, as the name suggested, locked your contents just like Video Lockers, your client would need to complete the task to see the content they want to see.

The URL and Download Lockers allow you to lock a file or download until one completes the offer.  Once someone completes the needed information, the downloadable material will become unlocked.

As you see, CPA Grip has been in business for a fairly long time and it definitely is not a scam. Thousands of people are getting paid around the globe!


There are hundreds of proofs that CPAGrip is NOT a scam.

And yes, you can very well make money with CPAGrip.

How Can You Make Money With CPAGrip?

Many people ran ads that means you need to spend some amount of money. The advantages of CPA (Cost Per Action or Click Per Action) is that you will earn when someone entered their email or any details asked according to the project.

You might have come across ads like “Free Paypal Money” and when you clicked on the link, you have to complete some surveys. Of course, it’s not free PayPal money for you but it sure is free PayPal money for the one who posted the ads!

I don’t encourage you to kind of cheat people into taking your surveys because you seemed to offer them what they want but eventually when they do complete the task which you used with a content locker or video locker or whatsoever, they end up with a blank screen? It did was really frustrating to be fooled again and again. Don’t you think so?

On the contrary, you can offer something which is real after which when they complete the tasks, they are really taken to the things for which they clicked in the first place! This is how you will earn money.


What Are The Ways You Can Make Money With CPA Grip?

I will tell you the simple but effective ways you can make money with CPAGrip. However, you need to give some time. They are simple to do, but might not be that simple if you’re doing it for the first time.

 1. Running Paid Ads

Though everyone cannot do this, it sure is one of the most effective ways of getting clicks and make money out of it. This is the most simple and needs fewer efforts.

You can go for Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Native Ads platforms like Outbrain or whatever your choice!

If you do go for ads, I would suggest you use ClickMagick which is one of the most effective links tracking tools that will help you track how well your links are performing and which converts more!

Some people even use Udimi to buy solo ads. Udimi is the platform where you will get more buyer-intend people for any type of business you ran, mostly on the make money online niche.

Or you can post them in your social media profiles for free which also gives good results.

2. Building A Movie Review Website

You can create a free website and write reviews about videos or the story of the videos. Then, create a link to the video which will open only after they completed one of the tasked you put.

For stories, you can put some part of the story and lock the remaining using the CPAGrip content locker. Once they are through with the task, they will be redirected to the whole story of the movie.

Try Wix for free. However, the downside of using a free platform is that your site would look something like and not like

If you want to go for a low cost and affording hosting site, Bluehost would be your best bet.

You can also start a blog on free platforms like Blogger and Medium. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions provided on these platforms.

3. Making YouTube Videos

If you are camera-shy, do not worry you sure can make YouTube videos without showing your face. Create YouTube videos on the complete guide on how CPA Grip works and all that is needed to be known for a beginner. Then, insert your affiliate link in the description below.

You can make a slide presentation using Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, and later export your slides in MP4 form.

If you very well want to go for video software, Filmora is the one I would suggest as I find it very easy and useful.

For creating your YouTube Art and Thumbnails, you can use Canva, which is free. You will get hundreds of free images too. You can also create a professional-looking logo at Canva however, to get the PNG form (transparent background), you need to be a premium member at Canva. 

Another site to get free stock of professional images is Pixabay. As I already said, these platforms are free to use.

I would highly recommend you to use TubeBuddy which will enable you Easily Manage, Optimize, And Grow Your YouTube Channel.

Another video software I would like to mention is the VidBullet. Many successful online marketers use this software to create high-converting professional videos.

As you see, well beginning is half-done. You won’t end up doing all the wrong things and then start from square one again?

A quiz contest doesn’t need to have any rewards if you don’t want to! It can be based on facts or any entertainment for which someone has to complete the task first before entering the contest. Of course, you will also need a website to host your content. You can try Wix for free.

Whatever ways you are doing or following, your purpose is to get as many as people to click on your links and complete the projects.

There are also other ways to promote your links. However, these are the most common form used and also give the best results.


Payment Options Of CPAGrip

There are three ways to get paid with CPAGrip, however, they have a $50 minimum payout. The three ways are Paypal, Payoneer, and ACH and it uses CPL, CPS, and CPA as revenue models to pay all its users.

CPAGrip offers referral programs, as most affiliate offer programs do, and that is 5% for life on the earnings of your referrals!

Do I Recommend CPAGrip?

To be perfectly honest, I do recommend CPAGrip. It might be a struggle at the beginning specially if you are completely new to this online marketing thing. However, I must assure you that with time, you will master it if you are persistent and consistent.

I must warn you to NEVER fall for those SCAMS which promise things like Free Paypal money!

Oh! C’mon… It’s so much high time you realize that Nothing in the world is Free!  Instead of falling for EASY MONEY and those SO – GOOD -TO – BE TRUE – PROMISES, I can honestly assure you that if you have some amount of money, use it to TRAIN YOURSELF first!



If you know how much I actually earn in filling out surveys or trying out websites or sharing shortened links using URL Shorteners, etc. then you are in for a surprise. 

Because the truth is far worse than what many people claimed!

In fact, I even doubt if people really make a living out of doing all those kinds of stuff, because I also tried my very best, working my butt off day and night trying to squeeze in some money and all I could get was a meagre $97? I kid you not!

Instead of giving your precious time for a few cents here or there, here is a much much and 100 times much better way to make money online.

The most profitable way is to Start A Blog. Hands down.

You might be asking, a blog needs to be something with having good content, etc., etc. and you have no idea at all.

What I mean by a blog is, it need not necessarily be a website with many contents.  You can start a blog with only one-page website even.

If you already have some idea, then get the best domain and hosting at Bluehost here.

How you will be able to drive traffic to your blog depends on the niche you are choosing on low competition keywords and the number of your competitors in the market.

I can’t guarantee that you will earn $1,000 or more per month – But, one thing is for sure – if you follow exactly the steps mentioned, you are sure to make money. Ultimately, it depends on how much you are willing to do the work diligently and do the right thing from the start.

So, what are you waiting for? Start right here at Bluehost.

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