Important Things You Need To Know About Pinterest

As Pinterest is stormed with thousands and thousands of pins, here are some frequently asked questions regarding your profile or pins which you also must have known.

And if you know how to use it, Pinterest can help you drive tons of free traffics to your website or offers.

We will talk about those popular questions which are asked and see the solutions here.

Q1. What image size should I use for my pins?

What Pinterest recommends is to create pins that are 600×900 in size. You can go up to 600×1270 also before the pins are cut off in desktop mode.

You can create pins smaller than 600×900 but bigger and mostly rectangular pins are more preferable and they usually perform better.

Q2. How do I find the re-pin count on Pinterest so that I can tell if a pin is popular?

You can find the re-pin count of a pin by clicking on the pin itself. 

your pin code

your pin

Q3. What code can I use to make an image not pinnable?

You can do so by adding –

data-pin-nopin=”true”  at the end of the coding of the image before the last >.

Q4. What should I do if my Pinterest account is suspended?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when your Pinterest account is suspended:


  1. Do use the link (provided that the link works, sometimes it doesn’t) in the message that you received saying that your account has been suspended. Let Pinterest know that you think that this is a mistake and that you are a good Pinterest citizen.
  2. Send an email to ‘’ and give them the same story that you’ve been suspended by mistake.
  3. Create a back-up of your personal Pinterest account and pin your pins using that account to keep them active.
  4. While waiting out for the suspension period, focus on creating or writing more amazing new content!


  1. Don’t panic because your pins are still out there for people to see and pin. Pinterest has been much faster at getting accounts reinstated
  2. Don’t try to figure out why you were suspended as Pinterest is not going to tell you why your account is suspended anyway.
  3. Unless you were pinning 3rd party spam pins, you probably didn’t do anything wrong.

Q5. How do I apply to group boards on Pinterest?

Applying to group boards on Pinterest is not fun and easy because most of the time you see no instructions.

There is no foolproof way to get noticed by group board owners but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Basically, you have two options to apply for group boards :

  1. Try to find their email address and send drop them a mail. As everybody checks their emails often you have a higher rate of success.
  2. Or you can send them a direct message on Pinterest. This has a very low success rate because group board owners get hit with requests all of the time.

Q6. When is the best time to apply to group boards?

First, have your profile filled up with at least 15-20 pins.

Most group boards do not care about your blog’s status. They just want to make sure you’re a quality Pinterest user doing good stuff.

If you can show that you are a good user, then you can start to apply to group boards right away or whenever you want.

Q7. When should I consider leaving a group board when my re-pins are low?

Generally, you should give a month’s time to see how your pins do whenever you join a new board.

Then go to Board Booster > Board Performance.

You see the re-pin rate for any of your boards there.

If you feel the pins in the board are relevant to your niche, then don’t worry so much about the re-pin rate unless it’s 0. 

You can give some more time. At the same time just make sure the pins surrounding yours are relevant too.

Keep in mind that some niches topics perform really well. So, your re-pin rate depends on how relevant your pins are according to those high performing pins.

Q8. What is a stolen pin?

A stolen pin is your pin image with the wrong URL. Someone has taken the pretty pin you have made and has uploaded it to Pinterest with their own URL so that the pin now directs to their site.

Q9. How do I find a stolen pin and what should I do when I find one?

Laura from Little Yellow Wheel Barrow has done her research on stolen pins and provided the following information.

Q10. How Do I Find a Stolen Pin?

I will take a look at my most popular pins. Usually, those are the pins that get stolen and the ones that do the most damage.

I will search:

  • Hashtags on that pin (I just click on the hashtags) – if you used a low hashtag keyword, it’s best to start there. The pin stealers usually do not remove your text, so when you search those hashtags all the pins with that
    hashtag come up, including your stolen ones.
  • Keywords on that pin.
  • The title of the post (or just the first few words so long as the keyword is there).
  • I also use the ” related pins” section. I will click one of my pins and scroll through the related pins. I can easily spot my branding and quickly scroll over to make sure they are mine.
  • I click on the “view similar results” icon.

Q11. What Should I do When I Find a Stolen Pin?

Well, there are two sides of the fence on this one – let them get away with it because it’s not worth your time, or be part of the solution and make noise.

I’m part of the noisier side of the fence. I don’t report like I used to primarily because I don’t have nearly as many stolen pins as I used to – maybe screaming every day made them piss off.

So if you find a stolen pin –

Before you do anything take a look at the account who pinned it – Is it a spammer? (do all their pins go to a spammer site) or is it just a regular pinner who pinned your pin for later and didn’t know it was stolen?

The other thing that could happen is, your pin was saved from a roundup post by a blogger who did it with no pin code.

The best way here is to have a policy about what you allow for your copyright on your site.

File a DMAC!

Tips for DMACS –

  • NEVER click “remove all” – it will remove every single version of that pin, including your own.
  • Only click ” strike ” if you know the person who pinned your stolen pin is a spammer (does the account have multiple spam pins?)
  • You can file up to 50 stolen pins on one form.
  • You do not need to add the URL for every single stolen pin, add your site URL and let Pinterest go look at your site to verify.

If you see your pin has been stolen and is showing up on multiple accounts, grab the account links and send an email directly to Pinterest copyright and explain that your account has been targeted or scraped and your pins are being redirected to many spam accounts.

Careful filling DMACs through the pin

At this point, there are many reports of issues filing DMACS through the “flag” on the Pin option. My advice is to file it directly from the form, and not access it through the pin.

If you find pins that are stolen from other users:

You can flag them on the pin if you want. If it’s a major breach, meaning you see countless stolen pins from one blogger, it’s a good indication that their site has been scrapped.

You would be a good blogger citizen to let that blogger know, but for a single pin, I wouldn’t bother, just flag and move on.

More Tips On Using Pinterest:

Here are a few things I’ve read recently that claim to help.

  • Embed your pins – apparently, scrapers can’t get them from your site as easily if they are embedded.
  • Truncate your RSS feed – go into WP settings – reading – and change your RSS feed settings to snippet.
  • Popular pin suddenly drop off the face of the earth? Go hunt. It could be the natural ebb and flow of the pin, but check to be sure.
  • Make new pins often – it’s Pinterest’s way of helping you keep ahead of the spammers.

Q13. Can you tell who looks at your Pinterest page?

No. There is no way to see or tell who actually visits your page. You definitely can get demographic information on people who follow you or see your pins.

Go to Pinterest Analytical >> People You Reach. You will get the info there.

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