How To Start A Dropshipping Business

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is selling products through online platforms which provide e-commerce store.

In drop shipping, you don’t need to have a physical inventory of your products. A supplier holds your products and it is shipped to your customers according to the orders you gave.

How Does A Dropshipping Business Work?


Basically, you are acting on behalf of the seller by promoting or advertising the products through an online store.

Here Is How Drop Shipping Works  

1. Someone saw the products you promoted in your online store and made a purchase.

2. You took that money and purchase the ordered products from your supplier at a cheaper rate. 

3. Then the supplier directly ship the products to the customer.

4. You pocketed the margin (profit).

5. If it’s your own product, you have to do all the shipping and everything if you are not using any storehouse.

How To Get Started With Drop Shipping

Before venturing into any business, good Research is needed.

You have to do your own research on the followings: 

1. What should you sell and what product will work?
  • You have endless options for choosing products to sell. It is better to choose niche categories that are marketable and have high demands in the market.
  • You can check which products sales more by browsing the categories of Amazon, AliExpress, or eBay, or any sites you are using to buy products online.
  • Look around you and see what people are buying in the local marketplace also.
  • Stay away from Generic items like television, headphones, etc. because people would prefer to buy them in bigger stores like Amazon or Walmart or places they already trust and have a good reputation. You can add them if you want but don’t base all your products on those items only.
  • Sell products that are unique and that cannot be found easily.
2. Pick a platform for your online store

If you don’t have your own e-commerce website, your best option would be to use either one of the popular econ sites.

The main benefits of using these sites are:

  • They use their warehouse for your products.
  • Packaging, shipping is all done by them.
  • No direct contact with your customer unless they contact you.

The most popular e-commerce sites


1. Amazon FBA

2. Shopify

3. Teespring

4. Printful



How-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-3Amazon FBA or  Fulfilled By Amazon is a model that makes Amazon handle your inventory with their warehouse, it fullfils the orders and also provides customer services on your behalf.

  • Select either Individual seller or Professional seller. You can select a Professional seller if you are looking for long term business.
  • Using Jungle Scout for Amazon product research will help you identify products you want to sell.
  • Choose products that you can sell for less in the beginning and you can improve on increasing the higher price products as you move on.
  • Launch your product. The Amazon seller central guide provided within the website will teach you the process of importing products and using suppliers.
  • Learn how to promote your products with social platforms like Facebook Ads to generate more sales.

If you really want to know more this Full Tutorial On Amazon FBA is a no-brainer!


How-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-5 (2)Shopify provides an easy and quick to set up an online store. 

  • Sign-up on Shopify (It is not free but you will have a 14 days trial period, which you can cancel anytime if you think it’s not for you).
  • Choose your theme, design, and download Apps like Oberlo from Shopify App Marketplace. You will find an app that connects with eBay products also. eBay products that shipped from the USA are much quicker than Oberlo which imports products from Ali Express. 
  • Set your own price, product name, descriptions, and fill all the required fields.
  • You can also import clothing products from Teespring or Printful.
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How-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-5 (1)Teespring allows you to design and sell apparel using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and crowdfunding.

  • You don’t need an inventory of the products nor money to start with.
  • Sign up at Teespring and fill in all your details.
  • Create your design and apply the design to the apparel you want to sell. You can use Canva or hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Learn how to promote your products with social media platforms to generate more sales.




It is an easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse service.

The best thing is you can start your eCommerce business on Printful without an inventory!

  • Sign up at Printful and fill in all your details.
  • Customize products with your own designs.
  • There are plenty of products you can design like T-shirts, Swimwear, Flip-flops, Jewellery, Caps, Bags, Posters – literally any item you can name!
  • Learn how to promote them through social media platforms.
  • Integrate your Printful store with Etsy
NOTE: Etsy is not free. You can register for free. However, when you have to put up your listing or store, you will be charged $0.20 for each item. To get 40 free listing, sign up at Etsy here. The benefit of Etsy is it promote your products without you doing all the advertisement or promotion.

Conclusion On Starting A Drop Shipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is one of the most common routes chosen by many people to earn extra income. And you can see that many people do make it big from dropshipping alone. 

You might not get it right at your beginning, but have patience because I can tell you that once you roll and master the art of drop shipping, you will never look back!

If you haven’t started yet but was dreaming about starting your online store for some time now… well, don’t you think it’s time for some action now? What are you waiting for? The ‘Right Time’?

The right time is now!

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