How To Renew SiteGround Hosting Plan For 1 Month Only

Are you in a situation that you find yourself unable to renew your SiteGround hosting for even 3 months and wish you could renew it for one month only for the time being?

If you look at the SiteGround hosting plan renewal, you will find that they have the minimum renewal plan is for 3 months. 

Which is not a very big amount, however due to any circumstances, it might be difficult to renew for that much month and you have no choice but to let your site go down for a couple of days.



If so here is the simple solution that will work for you. I know it worked because I’ve tried it to know if it’s possible at all and I can assure you that it is possible!

Here is how to renew your SiteGround hosting for only 1 month

The key is in convincing the customer care agent you chat with about your circumstance and situation that you are unable to renew your hosting plan for 3 months and need a month’s renewal for now.

After you convinced the agent, you will be given a customised link for a month’s payment.

You can ask for a Paypal payment link or credit card payment links or both. Then copy that link and make your payment.

In my case, when I opened my payment link, it takes me to the same SiteGround payment plans.

Upon contacting the agent, he asked me what browser I was using and asked me to clear my cache and if it still didn’t take me to the desired custom link that I should open the link in another browser.

Then I asked him if he can give me discount for which he told me that for a month’s renewal he won’t be able to give me. However, considering my situation he can give me a discount on 3 months renewal.

You see, if you can renew it for 3 months, instead of paying $19.95, you will be paying around $15.95.

He even stayed connected throughout so that I face no problem again until I cleared the payment. I was using Google Chrome , cleared my caches but it still didn’t work. So, I installed Firefox browser and tried opening the link with it. And it opened and I made my payment.

In case, you face the same problem, you can so as I did and make your payment for a single month only. Try renewing your SiteGround hosting plan for a month now.

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