How To Rename Your Images In Blog Post

You have given many efforts in writing your blog content and uploaded all the images you have already made or downloaded.

But, wait… somewhere here or in someone’s post you read about naming your images with the title for which they are used and your heart sank!

Oh! My goodness … How on earth am I going to do that again? Do I need to search all my images on my computer, rename, and then upload them again?

Does this sound like you?

If so, don’t panic! Here is what you can do. It is taking a little time but at least saves you from searching your images again and then renaming them one by one. There are a few ways to do it. But I personally prefer this way.


How To 

Let’s do with the featured image here.

STEP 1: Renaming The Same Image

Open the post for which you want to rename the images. You will see on the right side like this.


When you Right Click on the image, you will see an option like below:


Select the “Save image as” option.

After that this window will open where you will be asked for the “Save As” option:


What you have to do is just enter the name of the title with a ” – ” (dash) in between each word. Like in this image I want to rename it likewise : 

“how-to-rename-your-images-in-blog- post”

This is done for this particular reason that if you search the net with your title post, these images will show up as you specify it with “-“.

Some people use ” . ” (dot) in between. However, I feel that putting the “-” in-between words makes it easier to read. It is up to you which one you would prefer over another. As for me, I am more comfortable with the latter.

And if you are using more than one image, then after putting in the first letter or word the same title name will show. Select any one of them and add any number like 1,2,3,4,5… at the end. 

This is because you cannot have the same image name in one post. Now that your image is renamed and saved, let’s go to the next step.

STEP 2: Deleting The Old Image

Come back to the same image and select, the ” Replace image”. Or you can select the delete featured image option.

Note that the image will not get deleted from your media file.

Now, when you click on the Replace Image button, your Media Library will open.



This is very important. You have to delete the previous image with the wrong name from your media file.

STEP 3: Uploading The Renamed Image

Now, on the same page on the left side, you must see this. Select the “Upload Files” and upload your desired image which you have already renamed and saved on your computer a few minutes ago!



STEP 4: Labelling Your Image

Now you have to pay attention here. This is the very reason why you want to rename your image, aren’t you? Right!


As you have seen, I have high-lighted the options where you should put the detail of your image.

Alt Text and Title are the most important ones and should have the title of your post as it helps in ranking your post in the search engines.

The caption and description areas are up to you to fill it or not. They do help but are not that significant. It is a good idea to fill them, however.

STEP 5: Update … Update … Update

I could have just added a line ” then click on the save button” without this step 5 … But I intentionally put this as I want you to always remember to hit the “UPDATE” button each time you entered anything.

Pressing the ‘Update’ button in between your work is a very good habit that will bring a smile to your face many times!

Imagine, you worked so hard for the past one hour or so …. and never hit the ‘Update button’ in between. All of a sudden your computer is off because you forgot to charge? Or you accidentally close it? …. Poof…. all your efforts are gone just like that?

So, having the habit of pressing the ‘Update’ button is such a time saver that everyone will agree upon! Don’t you think so too?

Did you hit the “Update” button yet? Oh! No?

Then do it just NOW …  and lo … your images are renamed according to your wish and command!  🙂

Hope you find it helpful. Do you face any problem while renaming your images? Leave a comment below.

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