How To Make Money From Music

Who Is Selling Music For?

Online Music Stores are here to stay.  If you are good at music or beats, start composing catchy and unique beats and sell them. The more variety you create, the more you have the opportunity to be heard and known!

how-to-make-money-from-musicCompanies are always on the lookout for unique and catchy music. They want their own brand music to stand out and attract more customers, who know yours can even end up with big brands! Hmmm!

How Much Will You Earn From Selling Music?

Well, it depends on your music and who buys them. You can even earn quite a good amount of money

It can be a few dollars, or hundreds or even thousands. It really depends on your customer and how well you market them!

How To Get Started To Make Money From Your Music

Originally, you won’t have to scout for music if you yourself are a musician. You might even have already a few of your composers inline! If you haven’t made any, you can start now.

Another way is, you can contact a talented musician you knew and discuss this opportunity with him/her.

In fact, it might also be a headache to record your work professionally.

If you are looking at the tools you might be needing, that might as well make your head spin as those instruments and software cost a ton!

I kid you not because my husband is also a professional musician and the tools he procures weren’t cheap at all!

If you are a drummer and are wondering how to record a professional drum sound, Gideon from might give you some insight into your problem.  

You need not give money to buy the music piece. However, you can talk about sharing the commissions you will get out of it. Say like 5% or 10% of what it is sold for!

Get register on any of those websites and upload your music with your price. That’s it.

If you want to have full control of your music and get the commission 100%, then the best approach would be to have your own website where you listed your unique music beats.

For that, you will need a WordPress web hosting service and a domain name.

Here is How You Can Set Up A WordPress Website.


Here we will list a few popular websites where you can register yourself and start your online music business.


1. Tunecore

how-to-make-money-from-musicTunecore gives you 100% of your earnings but requires you to pay a yearly fee along with an additional fee if you want Tunecore to distribute your recordings to them. It is also preferred by most artists around the world due to its services.

2. CD Baby

how-to-make-money-from-music-2The most well-known place for music producers to independently distribute and sell music. Their online interface makes it easy for artists to set up an online store to sell their digital recordings or hard copies with ease.

When your album sells, CD Baby takes a small commission – 9% for digital sales and about $4 for hard copies.

3. DistroKid

how-to-make-money-from-music-3You pay a very low annual fee of around $20 and can upload unlimited songs and they take zero commission from you. You got to keep 100% of your earnings.

If you are producing tons of songs, DistroKid would be your best option. But the cons of DistroKid is, they distribute to only four music online stores – iTunes, Shopify, Amazon, and Google Play.

4. Loudr

how-to-make-money-from-music-4It is the only portal where you pay no Fee to upload your music. However, they took 30% commission for covers and 15% commission for originals. 

The benefit of using Loudr is that your music is directly submitted to Pandora – this is a great way to promote your music to thousands of people. Loudr is owned by Spotify too.

NOTE: Before you upload your music, make sure you tag them with the right keywords and genres.


Conclusion On How to Make Money With Your Music

Other than the above-listed sites, there are tons of sites where you can sell your music. It is a great privilege to be able to earn from things that you are doing in any way and are passionate about it! 

There will always be a demand for unique music which gave you an opportunity to earn more.

There is an option to create your own website and sell your beats yourself so that you don’t have to pay any extra fees to anyone except your domain and web hosting charges which are of nominal rates. 

You can check out the domain name and web hosting offers here.

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