How To Make Money From Your Designs

What Can You Do With Your Designs?

If you are one of those unique few design instincts, who love to express their emotions or thoughts through arts, then here is an opportunity for you by registering yourself on an online marketplace like CafePress,   Etsy, or Zazzle.

Your unique designs can be printed on things like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, cards, buttons, stickers, and other merchandise that can be ordered from the sites.

how-to-make-money-from-your-designsYour designs need to be unique, good enough, or really funny, engaging designs, unique perspectives, or any artistic designs with perspective. 

It can be your paintings or anything which you are good at. You got my point!

All you have to do is upload your designs, all the services like printing, production, shipping, customer care are all handled by the marketplace itself. 

Zazzle lets you customize your virtual store to match your brand. It also has in-built tools for cropping, adjusting, and editing your images to fit various products.

A platform like Etsy took some amount for listing your products, while others are free to register. The best part with Etsy is, the platform has millions of users and it promotes your products without you lifting another finger.

You can get 40 free listings here at Etsy here.

How Much Can You Earn From Selling Your Designs?

You split your earnings with the marketplace whenever your designs are sold. They will take some percentage from your sales. The royalty rates may differ according to the sites. 

It won’t get you rich overnight but it has a large potential passive income stream that allows you to turn your passion into money.

You can also outsource it if you find people who have artistic instincts but don’t know or don’t want to bother themselves with the selling.

You can become their middleman, and receive your commissions. 

How To Get Started With Making Money From Your Designs


Create your account in ZazzleCafePress, or Etsy

Once you are done with the necessary registration, upload your designs. The more products in a wide range of types you uploaded, the more chance you have to attract more customers.

If you have a website, you can do the selling yourself but that would also mean that you handle all the services which will in turn take your time and you will obviously have less time to create your own designs. 

Even if you are not good at graphics, you can use platforms like Canva to create designs, thumbnails, infographics, etc, and sell your work. But, you must know it won’t be that easy. You need to give time and effort to see the results.

You will be at a much better position if you know Photoshop. And if you seriously want to build your business on this, then learn Photoshop because that is the industry standard.

Moreover, there is a high chance that you will lose your focus as the other things will weigh you down.

Advantages Of Selling Your Designs

  • It is easy to get started.
  • You have the ability to earn from your talent or passion.
  • All you have to do is focus on your designs and upload them – all other things and services are taken care of by the marketplace.
  • Provide you with a passive income stream once your designs start selling.

Disadvantages Of Selling Your Designs

  • Takes time to build an online presence and earn royalties. (Normally, every business start-up takes some time).
  • No guarantee of earning a huge amount of money.

Conclusion On Making Money With Your Designs

There are people out there who created designs that are awesome and unique but those creations are kept unseen by the world. 

This is the opportunity to turn those arts into money.

So, if you are one of that blessed few, why not start your passive income business right now with the things you are already doing anyway?

It’s just a matter of knowing the opportunity to transform your talents into money.

Even if you are not artistically inclined, you can always act as a middleman and sell other people’s creations. It’s still a win-win situation!

 So, you have nothing to lose!

Making money online from home is not easy but doable. If it’s that easy as 1-2-3 like many people claimed to be, wouldn’t everybody get rich by now?

To become successful in whatever you do, you need to work for it, remember the saying ‘No pains, No gains?’

And it is also sad to see that many people also gave up while they are on the verge of reaching their dream. But with the right methods and ways, consistency and patience you will definitely become successful


There is one secret that I’ve learned after all these years of being an entrepreneur.

That is, apart from getting this software to start with, the truth in making passive income comes from investing in yourself by signing up for a course or training and learning the ‘Exact Steps’ on making money online.

If you depend on ‘Done-For-You’ tools alone, you will never know anything worth that will sustain your income.

Check out these genuine online courses to know more!

Trust me, you won’t ever regret it!

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