How To Make Money From Vending Machines

Starting a vending machine business might not sound alluring to many people. 

However, you would be surprised to know how lucrative a vending machine business can become with very little to be done on your part to jump-start a passive income opportunity.

Who Can Start A Vending Machine Business?

If you have some capital and wanted to start a business that does not involve in daily sales or dealing with people, this might be one way of earning extra income for you.

How Do You Earn With Vending Machines

How much you will earn from it depends on the machines’ locations, sales, number of machines you installed. 

It also depends on the more capital you are willing to invest upfront and the more research you put into before venturing into the business.


How To Make Money With Vending Machine Business

1. Do Your Research on vending Machines

The first and foremost step is, you have to do your research. Your results will determine your success in this business.

Do your research on things like which locations will give you the most profit, whether you want to buy new vending machines, which types of vending machines you require, whether you want to become a franchisee or buy an existing business or you want to purchase and lease them, where to get the business financed.

2. Obtain  A License

Since you will be dealing with food and drinks, you need a permit/license to be able to sell certain edible products.

The rules and regulations for every product are different in every state and country, so it is best to consult a legal expert or the authority that deals in this area and the fees involved before you start your vending machine business.

3. Choosing The Right Location

Look for profitable locations like schools, offices, malls, small business areas, and other areas of high foot traffic like metro stations and the locations should have good electricity. 

After you find the perfect locations, you can come to agreements with the business owners or institutions where you want to place them with commission agreed upon – usually, they will take 10-20% commission for providing the location and electricity.

4. Choosing The Right Vending Machine

 There are mainly 3 types of vending machines:

  • Electronic  Machines: These are the modern-day vending machines with touch screens and have systems that accept various different forms of payment options (cash, coins, credit cards).
  • A basic model usually costs a minimum of $3000 per machine. Due to the acceptance of different payment methods, these machines are the most profitable.
  • Mechanical Machines: These machines can dispense multiple products and cost between $2000 – $3000 per machine. 
  • Bulk Machines: These are small in size and can dispense only certain products like choco-bars, gums, biscuits, and cost around $50 – $200. The earning potential is also relatively small.

Choose the right machines according to the locations you want to place them.

After you’ve purchased your vending machines, obtain the necessary license, placed them in your desired locations, and stocked them, you can restock them whenever require and collect the cash that’s loaded into them on a daily basis.

Once your business started rolling, you can even employ someone to do all the reloading (servicing) for you.

Costs Of Operating Vending Machines

The cost of operating vending machines might not be less. Other than your start-up costs, there will be regular costs you will have to bear as long as your vending machines are working.

Like the cost of repairs and maintenance, cost of products for regular refills. And if you are using second-hand ones, you will have to deal with the maintenance and repairs yourself.

Types Of Products To Keep In Vending Machines

The types of products you want to load in the vending machines depend on the locations where you installed your machines. 

If it’s near a school, you would prefer to put biscuits, different kinds of wafers, small juice packs, healthy snacks. 

If in business areas or market places -hot drinks or cold drinks, healthy snacks would do.

TIP: You would be more profitable if you keep eatables that have a longer shelf life.

Advantages of Vending Machine Business

  • Low start-up costs with the potential to finance more machines.
  • Convenient for everyone.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • With the right location and products vending machines are like your cash production machines 24×7.
  • With a good rate of return your cash flow can grow rapidly.

Disadvantages of Vending Machine Business

  • Some modern and higher technology-based machines are expensive.
  • You have to pay 10% – 20% commissions to location owners.
  • Risk of vandalism to your machines. (To avoid this, select a well-lit place with low-crime areas).

Conclusion Making Money From Vending Machine 

Installing the right vending machines with a mixture of products that sell well have a great potential to give you huge profits down the road – much more than you could imagine!

You won’t get rich overnight, but with time, it can change your life completely in the long run!

However, if you think operating such type of business need upfront capital and want to start something else for minimum investment, the best thing you could do would be starting your own blog in a low-competition niche.

By the way, if you want to have a sustainable online business, check out Which Online Course Is Best To Make Money From Home. You won’t regret it!

I know what it is like to be in your shoes a few years back when I was struggling like you right now… Getting my hands on every shiny object which I can afford and laid my hands onto… 

Do you wanna know how much I earn?

It might shock you if I said, ” I got ZERO money” even after investing thousands of dollars and my time and energy. Yes, you heard me right, I got Zero money!

I don’t want you to struggle that much too. But, you sure do have to invest your time and some amount of money if you really want to create a lifelong passive source of income.

If you put in the efforts, you will definitely reap what you sow. That is the universal truth!

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