How To Make Money Selling Your Photos In 2020

What Are Stock Images?

Stock images or photography can be any photos that are uploaded in sites like ShutterstockGetty Images, etc where users from around the world can upload their photography, either for free or paid licensing for other people to use.

A study shows that 66% of people are visual learners. Any information teaming with a good photo is much easier to remember. 

You need not necessarily be a professional photographer though. Some unique images which you took from your mobile phone can also be sold. So, there is no limit to the images you can consider selling as long as it’s originally from you.

Who Is Selling Stock Images For?

If you are good at photography or love taking pictures with photographic skills, you can turn your passion into a business by selling your photos as stock photos. Since many websites are using and searching for unique photos for their brand, there is a big market for stock photos.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer. If you have good skills, you might make more money, though. However, anyone with a good collection of a variety of photos can sell them. 

People are looking for specific photos for their content and if you happened to have more subjects, scenes, or objects, you stand a good chance of turning your passion into money!


How Do You Make Money With Stock Images?

One of the most popular sites for stock photography is Shutterstock. The payments are divided into earning tiers.

You can upload as many photos as you want and the initial earning is 25 cents for each download, but it can also rise according to the increasing download of your photos. Members uploading more than 500 images can get hundreds of downloads per month and can earn a decent amount of money. The payments differ according to the images and sites you use as a platform to sell them.

Advantages Of Selling Stock Photos

  1. Earn money by leveraging your passion.
  2. No upfront cost needed (assuming you have your own camera)
  3. Many free software for photo editing available online.
  4. Your earning can increase as you upload more and more images.

Disadvantages Of Selling Stock Photos

The disadvantage can be that it will take some time to build an income stream.

Where To Sell Your Stock Photos

If you have a website, you can sell them on your own site also. You can give promotional offers on occasions like New Year Sale, Christmas Sale, Black Friday Sale, or any seasonal sale to boost your sales.

For building a website you can check out Bluehost for discount offers also.

An affiliate program can also be created so that others can promote your website while they earn a commission from you. Not only photos but video footage can also be uploaded.

You can register as a contributor to the following sites :


Conclusion On How You Can Make Money With Your Images

This is unlikely to make you rich overnight unless someone finds your image a masterpiece. But it sure is a source of extra income. What is better than turning your hobby into money? You have nothing to lose. 

If you love photography, go ahead and earn some passive income. Who knows one or more of your photos can fetch you a fortune!

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