How To Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free With Pinterest

How To Get Started With Pinterest


As you already know, a lot of the big-name bloggers use Pinterest to drive free traffic to their blogs and there is a HUGE opportunity for you too. I wanted to break down with easy to follow steps on how to make money on Pinterest.

  • Go to and create a business account. It is very easy to create an account, when you go to the website very clear instructions are given for every step. Fill in your details according to the instructions.
  • At the final step, you will be asked to Pick 5 or more topics of your choice – you just have to click the ones which are related to your niche.
  • Pin some cool pieces of stuff which are related to your niche. All you have to do is find good content and re-pin it.
  • The best way is to create your own pins from your website or products you are promoting and put your affiliate links.
  • Look up keywords around your niche in the Pinterest Search Engine. Look at pins or pinners.
  • Search pinners with pretty good followers – they may be having good and interesting content.
  • Click the ‘Pin It’ button. Then it will show Pick a Board – You can change the name of the board and description if you want or rewrite it to what you feel is more interesting. Press the Pin button and viola… You made a pin!
  • Remember: You cannot put your affiliate link in someone’s image, that is spamming and your pin may be taken down. You can leave your website link and direct people to your website which has your affiliate link instead.
  • The more people re-pin your pins, the better it is for your Pinterest score. And Pinterest rewards you for getting on Manual pins.
  • Pin those pins which are of high quality and have lots of engagement and are already established. It is best to create your own pins.
  • Do at least 10-15 pins daily.

How to keep track of your pins to prevent re-pinning it to the same group again

  • Use Google Spreadsheet or any spreadsheet and create columns according to the number of Boards you created on Pinterest. The idea is to be able to track your pins to any group or board.
  • Go to Google Analytics and select Referrals. Export the URL and paste it on the spreadsheet, write the date and group.
  • By doing this you will know when and where you post your pins.
  • You can create a new spreadsheet for each month if you wish to do so.

How to create your own image for Pinning

  • You can create your own pin using Canva or any other free software.
  • Instead of using someone else’s pin, you can pin those images you created or those from your website.
  • Make attractive and meaningful pins.

How to pin image from your website

  1. Go to your website/blog and click on any blog post.
  2. Copy the URL and paste it on Pinterest by clicking on the + button (which is on the lower right side).

3. Then select the Next button which will open the images to choose from your page. Select the image you want and click on the Pin it button.


4. A box will pop up. Write the description and when you are done, Pin it. There you are!

5. If you have a good number of followers, when they Re-pin your pin you will get a Backlink form social profiles which in Google’s eye is very good and you will have SEO benefits.

Not only will you get a Pin, but it also Backlinks from their social profile as well. This will give you a good SEO boost from Pinterest also.

6. You can do this to your YouTube channels as well. The process is the same as I mentioned above for the pictures. 

All you have to do is click on the video you want to pin. Copy the URL and repeat 2 and 3.

7. Videos really work great on Pinterest. 

If you keep on doing this process which is mentioned above, you will see a surge in traffic to your website after a few months or even weeks.


If you do it consistently, you can make money through Pinterest this way and it also requires no technical skill.

Don’t take it that way that Pinterest will give you money… What I mean is Pinterest will help you make more money if you know how to leverage this platform to your advantage.

Instead of pinning it manually on a daily basis, you can use software like Tailwind or NinjaPinner which will automatically do the pinning for you according to your desired scheduled settings.

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