How To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2021 And Beyond

Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? You’ve tried social media marketing, SEO, but nothing seems to work?

If this sounds familiar to you, then read this. I will highlight the 5 important ways to boost your website traffic and get more leads. 

how to increase traffic on your websiteTo be honest, you are not the odd one out! Every new start-up or blog or any business struggle for traffic when they started out! 

However, there are certain things you can do personally that can boost your traffic. Let’s see them in detail.


#1. The First Way To Boost Traffic To Your Website Is PROPER SEO


SEO is still one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website.

Your website should be Optimized to be found on Google with Your Keyword and Key Phrases.

Now, you must understand that optimizing your website SEO is kind of a one-time event. So you have to do the research on what are the best keywords and phrases that people are searching for when they are looking for services and products.

The Simple Rule and Ideal length for SEO character should be 50 – 60 Characters, according to MOZ. 

If you are not sure what your website is optimized for, you can check it out by doing the simple steps : 

Go to your website Homepage and hover your mouse over the title and the page you are optimized for will show up. 

For example: If it shows, you haven’t done your SEO.

If it was optimized, it will look like the image shown below.


On the other side, if it’s more than 60 characters, then it’s poorly done. To check the ideal SEO title of your homepage, you can check it out at

Once your website is optimized, you should not touch it for at least 90 days because you have to allow Google to crawl your website and rank it accordingly.

After 90 days, if your website didn’t rank, you have to tweak or make changes after researching what works best and what didn’t work.

For example, The word Coaching and Consultant have the same meaning but one word will work better than the other word depending on your specific demographic and targeted market. You have to find out what works best for you. Then, you make the appropriate changes to your SEO titles.

You can use the following tools also: Google Analytics (free), the other paid tools are SEMrush and MOZ. Honestly, I don’t recommend you much to use the paid tools as I personally find them so pricey. However, the results they gave are very accurate!

You can also use the free version of the Jaaxy, which offers 30 keyword pieces of research. So, you have to use it more specifically and wisely. However, the paid version is also much cheaper than the other and it’s a great tool.

But if you are running an online business that makes you thousands and thousands of dollars per month, you might want to try the paid ones, otherwise, the free tool works well too.

 You can also try SEMrush (BeRush) free here


 Local SEO: If you are running a local business you have to pay close attention to local SEO. Make sure to include your company name and address and all the details like the commas, dots, abbreviations, etc. should be EXACTLY THE SAME on every site including social media platforms you have used.

Only applying the right SEO doesn’t guarantee you to be on the first page of Google, but it plays a very important role in your ranking.

If people found your site through SEO, which is an organic search, they have the highest intent to buy. 

Let me give you an example: When I want to purchase something, I looked for reviews or tutorials by typing in the exact product name I want. Google showed me tons of results that showed the product I looked for or something related to that.

I clicked on any one of the results and read it, when my doubts are cleared, I clicked on the Buy Now Button given on that site.

This means, I didn’t go to that site by accident, I have the INTENT to buy it and searched. The site that gave me the most desirable answer is where I do my purchase from!

So, if people find your site by pure SEO, then they mostly have the ‘Intention’ to purchase the product. 

#2. The Second Way To Boost Your Website Is VIDEO MARKETING


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. (YouTube is also owned by Google)

More and more people are turning to videos to find their answers since it is much easier to follow instructions when one saw the visual applications.

You should focus on 3 types of videos to boost your ranking: 

1. How to Videos: Answer the How, When, Where, Why that surrounds your keywords. You can use free tools to find out your answers. It’s free to join.

2. FAQ Videos: Make videos on every FAQ question asked depending on your niche.

3. Product or Services Videos: The product or services videos should tell people what it is and what to expect from them. This will also make people stay longer on your website which will tell Google that people love your website.

The videos should be uploaded on YouTube with the link to your website if people want to know more information about it.

#3. The Third Thing That Will Increase Traffic to Your Website VALUABLE BLOG CONTENTS



Blogging is an amazing way to generate traffic to your website.

Mostly, people sacrifice quality for quantity. It is much better to have 5 to 10 good and high-quality blogs than having 30 or 40 blogs that are crappy and of no much value!

After 90 days, go to Google Analytics and look for the top 10 or 20 pages driving traffic to your website and if none of your blogs are showing up in the list, then it means your blogs are not of good quality.

If you are an online marketer, at least half the pages driving traffic to your website should be your blogs!

To create a high-quality blog, some people spent between 30 to 40 hours of work on average just to create a single blog!

How much time did you spend creating your blog?

If you are not even close to 10 hours, then it’s time to focus again and recreate a blog that is of high quality and informative.

And here is how you can write your blog faster without compromising on anything. 


#4. The Fourth Way To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Is EMAIL MARKETING


Email marketing is not dead and is still highly effective to drive traffic to your website if it’s done right.

There are 3 main things you have to focus on in Email Marketing so that people will open and read it.

  • Subject Line: A recent study on email marketing shows that around 70% of people open an email based on the Subject Line Alone!

People don’t care about you or what you are doing. If your email subject line clearly states or contains What They Want or will Get, they will open it. So, focus on your subject line.

  • From Name: If the email From the name contains the company’s name, people often tend to think about what are they trying to sell. But if it is from an Individual name, the open rates are at least 60% higher.
  • Format / Body of the email: The simple, text-only with no images get more people to read your mail because, for most people, time is the most precious commodity.
  •  If your email contains lots of images and attachments, long articles with long formats, people might move them to be read later and they might even end up never reading!
  • Instead, you can add your link to the images so that they can click it if they want more information. 

You can use an autoresponder for which you need not send emails individually. On top of that, you can schedule your emails – on what date and time you want your audience to receive the emails.


#5. The Fifth Way To Drive More Traffic To Your Website Is SOCIAL MEDIAS


Let’s focus on one Social Media Here – Facebook.

Facebook is a social and engagement platform and they want people to stay on it because Facebook makes money when people stay on their platform.

Like blogging, there is the right and wrong way to do it. Quality is far better than quantity.

To check it, look at about 10 to 20 of your recent posts and look out for how many likes, comments, shares you get. If they don’t have any of those or very little, then it’s time to think of another strategy.

Here is how you can improve it :

  • Install Facebook Pixel on your website so you can re-target people that came to your website once they are on Facebook.
  • Post videos on your Facebook page: A recent study shows that videos increase the engagement rate to even 20x.
  • Add a caption to your videos: Almost 80% of all videos on Facebook are watched without sound, so make sure you add captions.
  • Create a target audience: You must have a specific target audience that is most likely going to buy your product by the age group, demographic, types of products, etc.
Another way to boost traffic to your website for free is Pinterest. Here is How To Increase Traffic Using Pinterest.

According to advertising experts who are able to scale in this industry, If you want to scale in your business, you must invest a minimum of $50 a week on ads promoting your website, videos, posts, and see what works and what doesn’t. 

 Do more on what’s working and avoid what does not work.

The Rank Analysis tool offers SEO professionals the right tool set to review keywords and overall ranking performance of your website.

Conclusion On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2020 & Beyond

There are numerous ways to promote your website. However, the given five stages have more impact as far as effective traffic is concerned.

Always remember that what works best for someone or something might not work the same way for you.

You should try and see which one works best and gives you more profit. Once, you know what works, then take massive action to scale your business.

Rinse and repeat the process when you get the most profitable method.

As I always said, you might not see results overnight, however, if you do not lose hope and keep on persistently, you will reap the fruit of your hard work.

Being successful in making money online doesn’t depend on only one thing. It depends on certain factors that you are implementing in the right way at the right time.

Money is not the only necessity here to be successful. If you have the money to invest, then you are at the higher advantage of reaching your goal faster but only if you implement it the right way!

And do not lose heart, even if you do not have the money to invest, there are many things you still can do. Do not let the ‘I don’t have money’ tag weight you down.

Keep investing in yourself. Never stop developing and improving your skills.

And that is how you will attain financial independence ultimately!

Remember, there is NO SHORTCUT to success! And even if many people on the internet claimed so, they will drain all the money from your pocket!

NOTE: All might not be wrong, but I can say that 99.9% are most likely scams to rob innocent people.

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