How To Get Bluehost Discount Of 70% And A Free Domain

how-to-get-bluehost-for-70%-discount-with-free-domain-When you go to the  Bluehost homepage, you will see that the discount offer was starting at $ 3.95/month and the regular price is for $8.99/month. That is if you opted for the 36 months term.

And if you click this Bluehost link, you will see the discount at $2.95/month. The discount coupon or codes offered by popular websites are mostly up to 65% or up to 69% discount (rarely). And you actually do not need a coupon code for that. Seriously!

But, wait… I’m going to tell you a surprise trick that works 100% every time by which you can get it for $2.65/month only.

The trick I am going to tell you will let you purchase your Bluehost hosting with a free domain name of your choice for $2.65/month without a coupon code. Again, this is applicable if you opted for the 36-month subscription term. Wow! That is a massive 70% discount.

Why I am so sure about this is because I have tried more than five times and each time, it worked for me. And also work for my friends. And I know it will definitely work for you too but if you did it exactly as I told you.

By the way, if you noticed, this discount is much lesser than what most popular bloggers even offer with their discount coupons! That is for $2.75/month or a $2.95/month. Hmm…

Alright, here is what you have to do.

Go to the Bluehost homepage.

Click on the Get Started button.

Select the Basic Plan. (This trick works only on the Basic Plan).


Move your mouse cursor as if to close the window.

A pop-up will immediately show the $2.65/month offer that is a 70% discount for the 36 months term.

Please note, sometimes this trick might not work instantly. But, the second trick works every time I tried.


You hovered your mouse as I said in trick #1 but nothing happened?

Don’t worry. Here is what you will do next.

Go ahead and enter your details as shown in the form. 

After you entered your email address, do not proceed with your card details.

What you have to do is just let the page open for some time.

After a minute or two, hover your mouse to the top as if to close the window again. This will trigger a pop-up that will show a $2.65/month that is a 70% discount pop-up as shown in the image below. 

You then have to start all over again by clicking on the Claim Savings. But you are saving $1.30 for each month. It’s worth a try!

Another thing is that this offer is available in the Basic plan only. I tried with the higher plans and it does pop up but with the SAME price offer! Marketing tricks! Ahah!

If you are not able to get the discount, kindly let me know.

However, I am confidently sure that as of my writing this time, I tried and it still works.

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