How To Earn Money Online Without Paying Anything In 2020

If you are wondering “If it is real to make money online for free”, must tell you that “Yes, it is possible”.

Of course, you won’t get thousands of dollars instantly, but a few hundred bucks here and there would definitely help you meet those small bills, right?

Let’s see what are those sites where you can get free cashback from your online shopping, discount coupons, doing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and much more!


I started with Survey Junkie a few years back as it is not only one of the longest-running site with over 3,000,000 users, it is a part of the larger marketing company, Active Measure.

Active Measure has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and many complimentary reviews on the BBB site.

How Survey Junkie Works

Survey Junkie has thousands of products you can try your hands on.

You can become an influencer by sharing your opinion and help brands deliver better products and services by participating in:

1. Online Surveys
2. Focus Groups ( This pays out good. You can even get $200 with one )
3. Try New Products and give your honest reviews.


How Does Survey Junkie Pay You? 

Survey Junkie works on a points system.  A cash-out of $10 can be made once you reach 1,000 points. The surveys pay from $0.50 to $2 and they have one of the largest sources of surveys across any of the sites, so you don’t have to worry about not having surveys to take or wait for suitable surveys which takes time.


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Swagbucks will give you reward with free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you are already doing online like shopping online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys. It offers great deals to earn points.

Ways You Can Earn Swagbucks Points 

1. Answer Surveys: Share your opinions and get free gift cards! Earn SB points when you answer fun surveys and polls. 

2. Shopping Online: Swagbucks offers cashback shopping at over 1500 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. Earn SB points for every dollar you spend plus get access to exclusive deals and coupons to your favorite retailers. Not a bad deal, huh?

3. Watch Videos: Watch entertaining videos and get free gift cards! Earn SB points for watching playlists that they have already put together. 

4. Discover Offers: You will get free gift cards when you check out exclusive deals and offers from well-known brands. You earn SB points when you sign up for new services, check out free samples, and more!

5. Search The Web: You will earn SB points when you search the web using their Yahoo! powered search engine!

6. Play Games: You will get free cards for playing games! You can earn SB points when you make in-game purchases through their partners at GSN, or play their original free games and earn randomly. 

How Does Swagbucks Pay You?

Swagbucks works on a point system. You can redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cash back from PayPal.



PanelPlace is where you can browse opportunities offered by digital products and services and earn as you give your opinion.

How PanelPlace Works

  1. Browse opportunities offered by digital products and services.
  2. Grab the opportunities that interest you.
  3. Engage with digital products or services.
  4. Enjoy the benefits and give reviews!

PanelPlace is a platform that helps you identify reputable companies and brands that can bring benefits to you. Benefits and earnings come directly from the Opportunities that you have taken.

You will need to take up the opportunities first so that they can start bringing benefits to you in their own way. After joining these opportunities, they will start sending emails to you. These emails will vary depending on the opportunity that you have joined.

For survey panels, they will invite you to complete their surveys in exchange for points. You can use these points to redeem various rewards such as PayPal cash, cheque, vouchers, coupon codes, etc.

For Job Portals or Freelancer sites, they will start recommending suitable jobs for you. This can save your time from searching for the right job as it comes to you instead.

For online courses with education sites, if you have completed a course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion while gaining more skills.

How Does PanelPlace Pay You?

PanelPlace doesn’t directly offer you services or products and does not need your payment details. The payments are made to you by the service provider websites in the form of ecards, vouchers, cheque, or direct cash transfer using your Paypal account.


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Appen is one of the free platforms where I earn a good amount of money as a Search Engine Evaluator. With no set schedules of any kind, Appen independent agents enjoy the flexibility to choose how much and when to work.

It provides an exciting home-based career opportunity where you can put your acute analytical skills to work, providing valuable feedback and critical insight for some of today’s leading companies.

According to a recent industry study, there are more than 200,000 home-based independent agents across the US enjoying the benefits and flexibility that come from working at home.

Services You Can Apply For At Appen:

  • Search Media Evaluation (Work with the world’s top search engine companies)
  • Social Media Evaluation (Help improve social media around the globe)
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Survey and Data Collection (Short projects that last from 15 minutes to three hours)
  • Linguistic Specialties (Text to Speech, Computational, Phonetics, Pronunciation, Annotation, etc.)
  • Lexicon Annotation
  • Speech Evaluation
*** You have the option of choosing your native language while applying for the project even if it’s not available in English.

How Appen Works

  1. You firstly have to submit your Resume. A simple one will also do. But, if you want a professional one, you can order one from Resumes Planet at a reasonable price.
  2. You will get your approval and confirmation mail within a week.
  3. Register your smartphone so that you can work using your phone on the go.
  4. If you are eligible to participate, the team will send you a link to a Project Page that lists the projects available to you in your country and/or your language. There are always new and exciting projects being added so visit this page often!
  5. Click on the links and opt-in for available projects.
  6. Sometimes you will be sent a link to the project you opted in.
  7. Once you receive the Project page link you are good to go. The projects can be from 15 minutes to 3 hours and most have a deadline of 2 or 3 days which gave ample time to complete them according to your availability.

How Does Appen Pay You?

You have to send your invoice for payment once your project is completed. You will need a Payoneer account for this. Your payment will be made to the account detail you provided and it might take 3 to 7 days to complete your transactions.

Register at Payoneer now and get $25 instantly.


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What Rebaid offers is an undue advantage to Amazon shoppers.

When you shop on Amazon using the Rebaid site, you can even get deals up to 100% Off. Claim your cashback using Rebaid and you will receive your cashback in 3 days.

How Rebaid Works

1. Browse Products: Browse through hundreds of great product offers with rebate discounts up to 100% of the purchase price.

2. Buy On Amazon: Simply click the Claim Rebate button on the offer page and you’ll be brought directly to Amazon to make the purchase.

3. Confirm Rebaid: After purchasing the item return to to confirm you’re order number. Once confirmed your rebate will be processed.

How Does Rebaid Pay You

You can receive your cashback as gift cards or directly to your Paypal account.



UniqPaid is an international program. Member­ships are available worldwide. It pays to all it’s members in all countries regularly!

How Does UniqPaid Pay You

The payments are through PayPal, Bitcoins, and by check! You can choose the method of payment that suits you best!

The best part is that there is no minimum payment amount to get paid via PayPal and Bitcoins! Whether you make just $.01 or $500 or more during any month, you will get paid!


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Pointsprizes has been around since 2016 and helps users earn free prizes, in return for points. And it is available worldwide.

How PointsPrizes Works

It has over 10,000+ Paid Surveys, Video Ads & Free Games. You can choose from thousands of these opportunities to earn points. You can also either complete offers or refer new members, to reach your goal! 

How Does PointsPrizes Pay You

You earn points with PointsPrizes and they can be converted for cash. You can request a payout in your Paypal account.

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