How To Create Your First eBook In 2020

What Are eBooks?


eBooks are those electronic versions of a printed book that can be read on a computer or any handheld devices like tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. 

It consists of text, images, or both which are created in a format that changes shape according to the device you read it on without any line break. It will perfectly fill the screen no matter how you held your devices.

Types Of eBook Format

The following are the types of formats used for ebooks:

1. Plain Text (TXT) Format: It is the most widely accepted ebook format because the TXT gives simple reflowable text.

how-to-create-your-first-ebook2. PDF Format: PDF or Portable Document Format is not an ebook format but most people are familiar with this format. This format is designed for easy printing with a fixed layout document. Most major ebook stores do not accept this format because re-flowing the text is problematic. It is not impossible though.

3. MOBI Format: MOBI was the first format used by Amazon when they launched Kindle, it’s now replaced by AZW but it doesn’t lose its popularity. Mobi pocket can be read by almost any device except Sony Readers and Nooks.

4. AZW and AZW3 Format: AZW or Amazon Word are the formats owned by Kindle and they support re-flowable and fixed layout books, handles DRM (Digital Rights Management), and interactivity. They are supported in Kindle devices and apps only.

5. EPUB Format:  EPUB or Electronic Publication format is accepted by most devices except Kindle. EPUB 3 format supports embedding of not only images and sounds but even videos. Textbooks and children’s books are usually made using EPUB 3. The EPUB 3 also offers global language support and can handle non-Latin scripts like Arabic and Chinese.

How Do You Earn From eBooks?


An eBook is a true form of passive income because after it was written and published, there is nothing more to be done other than sitting back and let the money come in.

Your earnings will depend mainly on the following criteria:

  1. The values you provided in your book.
  2. The competition in the same niche.
  3. The pricing of your ebook.
  4. How your book sells.

How To Start With Your First eBook

1. Choose A Topic For Your eBook


  • You can pick any evergreen topic relating to the following: Health And Fitness, Money and Finance, Wealth, Relationships. These topics will never get outdated. 
  • People will continue to search for these related topics even in the years to come also. The catch here is – creating an eBook on these topics will create a passive income stream more easily rather than creating it on other niche topics.
  • Search on Kindle for the best-selling list of books and note down the topics and keywords that you can base your book on.
  • Check out how the books are performing, read the reviews, prices, you will get a fair idea of what you will write about.
  • You can narrow down your book on the sub-topic of the evergreen topic we talked about.
  • You write on topics in which you have the expertise or on topics you enjoyed (if they are on the evergreen topic we listed above) as it will make your writing easier and fun. 
  • Even if you are not an expert, do your research thoroughly and come up with quality content based on these evergreen niches or any niche of your choice.
  • Be specific on your title, and know for whom you are writing your book. Have a Target Audience. 

2. Writing

how-to-create-your-first-ebook-in-2020 (3)

Now, you know what topic to write about, it’s time to put those into action.

According to Amy Lynn, these 3 focus points help in creating a quality book:

  • Focus on solving a Problem: Any problem which can be applicable to a decent group of people. It can be on the “How to” topics.
  • Address a Fear: If you can come up with a topic that addresses a common fear and offer an answer or ways to overcome that fear, your book can sell well.
  • Satisfy a Curiosity: Everybody has the curiosity to know something that is not readily available. If you can tap into any curiosity topic, you might have a winner topic.

Follow These Simple Steps When You Write Your eBook:

1. Schedule a specific time to write every day even if it’s only for 15 minutes or so. 

2. It will be easier to write if you set up your table of content which you can change later on according to your the topic you choose.

3. Continue to write your ideas down. Don’t bother to reread it again and again before you finish it because you will end up wasting your time correcting your writings.  

4. When you start writing your eBook, Pretend you are the target, this will help you to see things from the perspective of your readers and it will improve your connection with your reader. You will also come up with wonderful ideas too.

5. Keep track of your time but don’t give yourself a deadline.  

6. Once you are done, re-read it at least thrice. Strive for excellence but not for perfection. You will never find it perfect anyway. 

7. You can save your finished work in a PDF format. 

8. When formatting, there is some specific format you have to apply. You can refer to the guidelines given on the platforms you want to publish your book. 

9. Don’t forget to check all the links and make sure they work. 

10. Once you are done with everything, take a print out and recheck your eBook and also check if it works well on digital devices. You can ask a friend or two to check it out also. 

11. You should also use Grammarly which automatically checks for any grammatical mistakes. It has a free and pro version. This will also help you write your content faster. In fact, I recommend it to every blogger. 

I would recommend you to check out Sqribble as well a software that will help to write your ebook with ease. It has numerous positive reviews from users around the world.


3. Cover Design


Just imagine how odd it would be if an ebook starts with the contents… You won’t even bother to search for the title of the ebook, right?

So, the cover of the ebook is the first thing that will attract your audience. Therefore, it should look professional and attractive.

If you have an idea, you can make your own cover. You can check out some tutorials on YouTube too.

Or you can look in Upwork or FiverrCanva, 99designs for your design.

Tip: If you want a png (transparent) form in Canva this is what you can do. Register for a pro version trial by entering your credit card details. Nothing will be billed until the trial period of 30 days end. So, you’ve got nothing to lose! You can cancel it anytime afterward if you think you won’t need it anymore!

What To Include In The Front And Back Matter

  • Copyright Information: Include copyright information to protect your work from being misused.
  • Table of Contents: Link your table of contents to the actual sections in your book.
  • About the Author: A little about yourself at the end of your book will give a natural opportunity to insert a call of action like inviting your readers to sign up for your email list or visit your website.
  • Acknowledgments, End Notes, Bibliography: If you want to particularly give credit to anyone for quotes or references, include them.
  • Printables: If you provide printables, include them at the end of your eBook. Make it downloadable after they sign up for your email list.

How To Set The Price For Your eBook


1. Research first. Search and compare the quality, page count, content of your book to other similar books, and note the price down.

2. Think about your readers. Will they buy at the price you set? What about you? Will you buy it at this price? If you are willing, so will others too!

3. Don’t price it too low nor too high because readers can assume that it is of low quality. Price it in a way that gives the impression that it’s worth the money the buyer gave.

4. Price it high enough that it will cover your expenses and give you a profit even if it’s not that high.

5. Set your price with an “On Sale” in mind. If you want to have a sale make it significant like instead of a 20% off, you can put 50% off which will grab more attention and might give you more sales. Besides, it will help in promoting your book also. So,  price it accordingly so that you are not at loss. And keep your sales for a minimum time so that the value of your book won’t be lost.

Where To Sell Your eBook

You can use platforms like Gumroad and Amazon but you have to give them some percentage of commission for each sale – which is 20% – 30% of your sale!

If you have a website, you can use it to sell your eBook. That way, you will keep every cent you earned from your ebook sales.

Final Say On Creating Your First eBook

Writing a quality eBook and publishing it takes quite a lot of time. But, once you are done with everything, there isn’t more work to do much. Hence, It is truly passive.

The best software I knew of right now to help you with your eBook is Sqribble.

In fact, the hardest part is getting started. It is difficult to get started. Once, you do your research and collect the much-needed pieces of information, you will gain your momentum gradually. It is definitely worth a try.

So, do you think you fit into this? If so, then do not waste time. Just start.

Don’t wait for the right and perfect timing, because it will never come! You will never find the perfect timing! The perfect time is NOW!

NOTE: Like eBooks, you can start with coaching courses, tutorials on any categories that you have good knowledge about. You can use Teachable and Udemy for this.

For Example: How to play guitar in 14 days, How to build 6-pack abs, How to cook like a pro, How to do stock trading, How to do cloud mining, How to trade with Bitcoin… the list is endless!

Hope you find it helpful.

Did you feel writing an eBook is worth it? Why so?

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