The Best Platforms To Build Mobile Apps That Makes Money

Is Creating Mobile Apps Profitable?

Almost everything runs on apps nowadays. From the smallest things to the biggest, more and more people are finding it more convenient to use apps rather than physical involvement. 

For example: If you want to have a pizza or any snacks, the days of personally going to the Domino’s or Pizza Hut are gone. You just open an app, make an order and your pizza got delivered to you in a jiffy. Some even offer discounts in case of any delay in the delivery other than the committed time frame!

There are many online platforms where you can create android, iOS as well as web applications with no coding required. Any type of app can be created.

The need for using apps is increasing day by day due to the Covid-19 situation we are facing right now as more and more people are looking for the substitution where things can be ordered or done by avoiding physical contacts.

So, if you build a good and useful mobile app, there is always a great opportunity to make a good amount of money out of it!



The most popular and best Apps Builders in the market


#1. Swiftic


Swiftic comes with a membership fee of $41 – $57/month with a Money-Back Guarantee.

Made for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a robust loyalty solution or method to drive brand engagement.

Not for users looking for a custom or intensive back end database.


#2. Appy Pie

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Appy Pie comes with a membership fee of $7 – $33/month with a Free trial available.

Made for users without any coding experience, who are looking for a very simple and quick way to create an app.

Not for users looking for apps with very specific or native app functions.


#3. Shoutem


Shoutem comes with a membership fee of $19 – $149/month with a Free Trial option.

Made for people looking for parining with easily managed creator with professional custom development to extend functionality and design. 

Not for users looking for Computer-graphic intensive apps such as video games.  


#4. Bizness Apps

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Bizness Apps comes with a membership fee which varies according to your need. It also has a Free trial.

Made for users looking for a DIY app solution with a powerful content management system and secure app/website hosting provider.

Not for users looking to build a simple app for more recreational or personal uses.


#5. AppSheet


AppSheet comes with a membership fee of $5 – $10/month with a Free version available.

Made for companies seeking to rapidly build powerful business apps with no code from existing data sources (Excel, Google Drive, SQL. Salesforce, etc.)

Not for users looking for a native application, Windows app, or highly customized back end solution.


#6. GoodBarber

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GoodBarber comes with a membership fee of $16 – $48/month with a Free trial. Made for users looking for small and medium-sized businesses looking for access to their apps’ source code and multiple plugins for extensive customization.
 Not for users looking for extensive e-commerce integrations or direct phone support to their European-based support team.


#7. GameSalad

The-best-platforms-to-build-mobile-apps-that-makes-money-2 (1)
GameSalad comes with a membership fee of $19 – $29/month with a Free trial available.
 Made for users looking for an easy way to build mobile and web gaming applications, limited knowledge of coding needed.
Not for users looking to build non-gaming mobile or web applications.


#8. Appsmakerstore

The-best-platforms-to-build-mobile-apps-that-makes-money- (1)

Appsmakerstore comes with a membership fee of $41 – $49/month with One Month Contract.

Made for users looking for a DIY solution for in-depth but predefined and industry-specific templates.

Not for users needing an intensive or custom back end framework.


#9. Appsmoment


Appsmoment comes with a membership fee of $0 – $29/month with a Free Version available.

Made for users looking for a cross-platform app builder with an extensive list of available features.

Not for users needing rapid iterations (updating or redoing it again and again) once their app is published.


#10. AppInstitute


AppInstitute comes with a membership fee of $35 – $150/month.

Made for users looking for an app builder with many industry-specific templates, great for users looking for a UK-based support team.

Not for users looking for a tool to provide them with a highly customized back end database.


Who Can Create Mobile Apps?

It can be for anyone who is willing to research and have a general understanding of how to make informative and quality packed apps to create content that will help and provide value to others.

How much you earn depends on how creative, informative your app is. It also depends on how much you market it.

The more value you gave to the users, the more likely it will get downloaded which gives you a great advantage of enjoying more revenue from purchases or in-app advertising fees.

So, focus building apps on what sells best in the marketplace / popular demands.

All you need to do is …

  1. Go to the platforms mentioned above and study how the service works and when you are clear on what you want, register yourself.
  2. Mostly they will give a free trial period of up to 30 days for you to find out and decide if it’s going to work out.
  3. Start creating your app by inputting all those informational contents that you have prepared beforehand.
  4. Follow the instructions given carefully.

Advantages Of Creating Mobile Apps

  1. No advanced coding, design, or development skills required.
  2. You are the sole owner of the app you created. (Well, after you paid the membership fee)
  3. No limit to how many apps you can create.
  4. The platform builder handles the approval, listing, and publishing process.
  5. Your earning potential is high even though it needs a good amount of investment.

Disadvantages Of Creating Mobile Apps

  1. Creating an app and having it listed requires a monthly membership fee which can range from $30 per month for a single app and web application package up to $200 per month for unlimited capabilities. 
  2. Apart from building the app, you need to pay some fee to let it run. You need to invest a good amount of money.
  3. It can take time to build enough users for having a significant income.
  4. No guarantees that your app or apps will get downloads.

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Conclusion On Building Mobile Apps

If you browse through the tons of apps on your smartphone, you would come across many apps which are useful but not user friendly at all. On the other hand, you will find some apps which are user friendly but aren’t that helpful.

That is when you might be thinking, what if I can make an app like this or that with this and that? Now is your opportunity to bring out those wonderful ideas you kept in your mind into action and create an app according to your desire that is informative and give value to the users.

No idea about coding, app development? Not a problem! Their platforms will help you with everything. They made things so simpler. You just need the idea of the content.

The right and the perfect time to start is NOW!

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