How To Add Affiliate Links In Your Blog

When you are approved to be an affiliate in any programs you applied, you must have seen the options of links. Let’s see the different types of links that are provided by those affiliate marketplaces and how you can add them to your post. 

Types Of Affiliate Links


If you are wondering what does it mean by those ‘different types of linking’ that you are provided with, here are what those links meant.

1. Simple Text Links

These are the most common linking used. It’s the same as how you linked your pages within your website or to any page or post from somewhere else.

Text links are those links that you hyperlinked in your text and sentences. Meaning, whenever you read anything like this, you see that it has a ‘Clickable’ link attached to it.


How To Add Simple Text Affiliate Links In Your Post

There are 3 main ways to do so.

  • You simply paste your affiliate text link which you copied from your affiliate account. For example: This is how the ‘Text link’ of a product in Amazon looks like.  Amazon shortens the link for you automatically.
  • You hyperlinked your desired word and paste your link on it. Like below:
  • Using a Link Shortener

Your affiliate links look odd and ugly without any link shortener. If you post your link by hyperlinking, you don’t need to shorten your link as it’s not going to be seen. 

However, if you are trying to just post or copy-paste your affiliate links, it’s more advisable to do so after shortening or cloaking your links and then post them.

You must use a link shortener like Clickfly or Bitly or any link shortener of your choice.Link shortener like Clicksfly helps you earn whenever somebody click your shared links.

Another option if you have your own website is to use ‘Link cloaking’ plugins like Thirsty Affiliates, Pretty Links. They help you to customised your links like this :

Thirsty Affiliates cloaks your links and also help it to customize it according to your choice. This gave you the options to track your links on how many many people click your links and much more. But you won’t be able to know the conversions.

If you want to know the conversions as well, this is very important if you want to run paid ads, then link tracking softwares like Clickmagick will be your best bet. You don’t need a website for this as well!

You can try Clickmagick Free for 14 days here. Or Check out this Free guide on How To Use Clickmagick as a powerful tracking software for your sales and conversions.


2. iFrame

An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a Web page.

Although an IFrame behaves like an inline image, it can be configured with its own scrollbar independent of the surrounding page’s scrollbar. The links can be direct to any product or item also.


How To Put Your Iframe Affiliate Links In WordPress

You have to place the link on the ‘Text’ section and not on the ‘Visual’ section of your WordPress text editor. 

If you are not sure how to paste with other content or to be able to do any correction with ease, you can always paste those iframe links in another ‘block section’.



The above link, takes me to the Namecheap domain sale’s page directly on a single click.


3. Deep Linking

A deep link is a hypertext link to a page on a Web site other than its home page.

A deep link is a link that takes you to the exact content or product you want to show to your readers. All product links that take you to the exact products as you saw when you click on the product or another page other than the Home Page are ‘Deep Links’.  

Let’s see the differences:

The link here is a normal link, that will lead you to the ‘Home Page’ of the Amazon website.


The ‘Deep Link’ below will take you to the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book by Robert Kiyosaki which is on another page of Amazon but not on the Home Page.

How to add affiliate deep links to your post


Deep Links can be either simple text or in HTML form. It can have only text, only image or text and, image links.

The text can be hyperlinked with your desired words or just copy pasted in your blog. Those HTML texts can be copied and pasted in the ‘Text’ option of your text editor in WordPress like you did with the iframe HTML texts.

Like the Amazon links below.


FAQs On Affiliate Programs & Adding Affiliate Links To Blog

Q1. How many link can i add in a post?

A: How many links you want to add depends on your choice and the content of your post. As long as it’s relevant, there is no limit. But, make sure it’s appropriate and relevant to your contents.


Q. 2 Should I post only those links that i am an affiliate with?

A: This is for you to choose. However, if you are really concern about your readers and honest, you might post those links even if you are not an affiliate to that company.

I did the same here because all companies didn’t give you approval depending on your niche and contents. But, I still add them as I know it will help my readers.


Q. 3. What Are The Best Affiliate Marketplaces To Join For A Beginner?

A: There are many affiliate marketplaces in which even a beginner can join with ease. Here is the list of some of the most popular and trust-worthy programs you may want to have a look at!



Q. 4. How many affiliate programs can i join as a Beginner?

A: To be honest, you can join as many as affiliate programs as you want and as long as they approve your application.



Q. 5. is there a sure way of getting approval for affiliate programs?

A: I can’t guarantee that you will be approved 100% in to any affiliate programs. However, following these things do help in getting faster and more approval to affiliate programs.



Q. 6. are all affiliate programs free to join?

A: Most big named affiliate programs are absolutely free to join. 

However, there is an exception to some course or training, in which you will be allowed to promote them only if you enroll in their courses.


Q. 7. What If I Want To Have A Text Link Only But I Couldn’t Seem To Find One?

A: You can do so by selecting only the text part of your affiliate link and then hyperlinked with your desired word.’ However, it would be good if you choose the customization option rather than going this short-cut way.


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