How Often Should You Blog In A Month?

For any business to be successful, be it online or offline, consistency in the key. You already know it will work, that’s why you started it in the first place, right?.

Like the obvious blogging … You know blogging works and it will still work in the years to come as more and more people prefer the net over anything for gaining information or do whatever they want. Day by day, internet users increases and each year’s record surpasses the previous one!

Say, if I want to know something, instead of asking someone I hit the net and within a fraction of seconds I am bombarded with information related to my search.

But, it does put me off when I couldn’t find a decent answer sometimes! That’s when you come to the rescue! 


Now, you have started your blogging business and finds that your subscribers dwindle, the reasons may be due to the following two things –


1. You post your blogs too often

Posting several times a day can overwhelm your readersThere is a saying ‘Too much of everything is bad’. 

Many people are saying you must post 3-5 articles daily! 

But, hold on… if your blog gives valuable information you might end up overwhelming your readers and they might be queued to be read later but remain never read!

Well, if your blog is news-based, it is expected to be updated on a daily basis and if you don’t, your followings can suffer as they cannot rely on you to feed them with the news they wanted!

On the other hand, if you post several articles daily which is of not much value or aren’t that appropriate to your readers, it might lead them to unsubscribe. 

Who would want to be notified constantly with unnecessary newsletters which have no apparent information or value anyways!


2. You don’t often update your post


Wait… what did you just say? Doesn’t your first reason and this reason look quite contradictory?

It might sound so but it’s not so! Let me explain why…

You might have posted informative and valuable content before but if you rarely update your post, your followers won’t find the value in subscribing to you as they might have already searched somewhere else and read everything for which they are interested.

The point here is, if you haven’t posted anything for some time, people might lose interest or even stop following your blog. They might even forget you!

Moreover, they might have the impression that you are not available anymore… hmmm…

Another issue with not refreshing your blog with new content is that your ranking will suffer in the search engines!

ideal times to post content in a month


How Many Blog Should You Post In a Month?

The frequency at which you update your blog content basically depends on your niche. 

Ideally, your posts must be updated around 4-5 times per month or 1-2 posts a week. 

That way, your audience will have ample time to go through your post properly and their expectations of you will be fulfilled.

Always remember that your posts should provide some form of value to your readers and they should be useful for them in some form or another.

The key here is ‘Taking One Step At A time’ so that your followers will be able to consume your content at their own pace!

What Type Of Content Should You Post?

It’s not necessary that you can post text-based content only. You can very well post infographics, video, etc. and that depends according to your niche and which works best with your subscribers.

Conclusion On How Often Should You Blog

While it is essential to regularly update your blog post from time to time, too many posts without much value can also hamper your blogging business.


On the other hand, if you hardly refresh your content, then your ranking will also suffer ultimately.

The answer to how often you should be posting your content lies in finding a balance between the two. 

To sum up, you must update your post once or twice a week with valuable and quality content. This way, you are not too often updating your site until it’s an entertainment site like news, sports, etc. 

At the same time, you are constantly refreshing your content which hooks your audience and they began to trust you and your brand!

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