How To Get Free Unlimited Traffic On Autopilot Fast

The very word ‘FREE’ is one of the highest searched word and also one of the most powerful word in the world.

Now, when you heard the word ‘Free’ your first instinct reaction would be ‘If it’s free, I better grab it or do it, it’s better’… Obviously, you don’t have to pay anything for it. 

Needless to say, FREE TRAFFIC is a good starting point if you are just starting out and learning.

Free traffic also provide a good foundation for your business as you literally need not spend any cent just to get your leads. On top of that, you can also make good amount of money with it!

However, I must tell you that it will be harder to scale your business as most people are vying for it and toiling to make it work without any additional spending whatsoever.

This also means that it will be a lot more harder to get your affiliate sales or get leads when you are relying on just free traffic alone.

If you are an affiliate marketer and want to have good results fast, you cannot rely on free traffic alone to make huge amount of money.

Regardless of what it is, let us see one of the 3 Best Traffic Sources To Get People To Your Offer that you can implement right away and you are not getting only organic traffic but also natural back-links to your website. 

I didn’t see many marketers or gurus teaching this for free. However, as my intention is to get you started without spending more money, here goes my effective free traffic strategies that gave good results.




STRATEGY #1 – Google Alerts

Not many people are aware about this, but this is one of the most effective to generate unlimited traffic for free! You can set up alerts for any keywords and as many as you like. You can do it in only two steps. It’s very simple and easy. 


Go to Google Alerts and sign in with your email. Or if you are already logged in, it will take you to the page directly. Enter any keywords relating to your niche which can be like Affiliate Marketing, Weight loss, Email Marketing, etc. You can enter one keyword search at a time. Then click on the ‘Create Alert’ button. 

Once you are done with that, enter another keyword term for which you want to get the alert notifications.





Select the ‘Setting’ button and choose your preferred delivery time and how often you want to receive – Once a day or Once a week. Then, click the ‘Save’ button. 



There you are. You are done. You can have Google Alert for as many different keywords as you want. Now you can relax as Google itself will deliver notifications in your mail.

You have got Google Alerts sending you  the notification mails, now what?

As any post of blog which is related to your keywords got delivered in your mail, all you have to do is go that post and engage in the conversations. 

Now you must be cautious here. You cannot just put up your links directly in your comments that would be spamming. Give useful and quality information and then add your website link, or landing pages to it.

Your comments will be seen by many people from all over the place, and if they find it helpful and interesting, you will get traffic to your website or funnels.

It might not be a huge flow of traffic at the start, but if you are consistent and helpful, your will gain traction and back-links too. All you have to do is getting involve in it for at least half or one hour per day in the beginning. This is an awesome way to get free traffic on autopilot!

STRATEGY #2  – Leveraging Your Social Media Platform – Facebook


Although it’s already known that most people coming to Facebook are not buyer intent – you don’t go to Facebook if you want to buy something, rather you would go to Amazon or Ebay, the amount of traffic Facebook generate can be enormous!

You normally post everything on your normal FB account. Once in a while if you post something like ” I will teach you how to make money from your phone. If you are interested tap the ‘like’ button and comment ‘I want it’ below “, you might be able to get good response. 

As everyone is familiar with FB, I need not go in detail how to post your comments. 

Now, what you can do is, you message them the information with your link or the link to your capture page. The rest you know what to do.  

STRATEGY #3 – Having Your Own Blog Site


You must have heard people talking about “No need for a website”. However, I must tell you that having a website makes you look more professional and as you post contents which are relevant to what people are looking for, you will get traffic to your site. 

Having your own website will also let people perceive you as an expert and authority figure, it also proves your credibility too. This will lead to more trust and they will be more willing to spend on something which you talked about and your recommendations. 

As more and more people organic traffic flows to your site, and they buys from your affiliate links, you will be able to generate more income naturally.

 Setting up a website might be a bit complicating if you are relatively new to this business. The best platform for blogging is WordPress. It’s not that very easy for a beginner but doable. Believe me, you really do not need to hire someone to set it up for you. You can do it yourself. Here is all you need to Set Up Your WordPress Blog.


To sum up, there are many other ways to drive free traffic to your funnel. However, if you focus on these three strategies – Google Alerts, Facebook and Having your own blog, you will do way far better than the average online marketers.

Also read How To Increase Traffic To Your Website, which gives details insight on driving traffic to your blogs.

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