Do Images Really Matter On My Blog?

There was a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This shows the importance of images.

While it’s not boring to read something which is quite informative like instructional manuals of product- which mostly doesn’t come with images- the impact to your readers with images cannot be underestimated as well.

As you must have already seen and known, an instructional manual with pictorial demonstration is much easier to understand than the ones that have none! 

I hope you’d agree with me if you have faced that same kinda situation before where you were searching for a pictorial demo of some appliances or anything that you might have purchased and felt kind of stuck with what you have to do next!

Likewise, when you add images to your content, not only does it stand out, it also looks catchy and attracts the attention of your readers instantly as it also makes them understand more!

That’s not all … Your blog not only catch the attention of more customers, it also retains relationships with your existing customers and broadens your business. Using images in your blog posts can increase your chances of success.

So, the question is …


5 Reasons Why Your Blog Content Need Images 


1. Images Help Your Readers To Understand More

does-image-really-matter-in-my-blog-The image on any content can help the reader to have more understanding of what you’re talking about. If the image relates to the blog post, it will put your reader in the right mood and flow too.

For example: Posting a happy picture in relation to your content will make your reader feel happy. If you want them to think about finance, insert an image that is connected to finance.

2. Images Break Up Space

Online content with no images can look very dull. Reading line after line of text will easily bore your readers. Put images on your post in relation to the content.

For example: If you’re creating a blog post about ‘how to do something’, it always helps to show some sort of image so that your readers can see how to do it as well as reading it in the text.

3. Images Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

does-image-really-matter-in-my-blog-.png2.png4Despite the fact that the search engines cannot ‘read’ images, they can read the descriptions that you give them. 

Although one cannot exactly say how effective it is, it sure does have a significant impact on your blog when you add appropriate descriptions about your images.

Every website contains at least 100 or more so images. 

Add image descriptions in the ‘alt image tag’  section because what you input in this section will show up, in case your image fails to load!

Wait a minute, firstly, you have to rename your images with your particular blog title before you upload them. This is very important.

Also, make sure you use keywords in your image descriptions as doing this will help your blog post get seen better in the search engines. 

You see, there are ample good options to key in your keywords related to the title of your blogs! If you haven’t done that, do it now. 

In fact, I was not aware of it when I started blogging … And I was surprised by the boost it has after I applied it.

4. Images Help You Get More Shares And Likes From Social Media

does-image-really-matter-in-my-blog-.png2When you use eye-catching images on your blog, your readers are much more likely to share them on their social media platforms. 

It also looks much better than sharing just a bunch of text.

For example: Pinterest is the place where images (or pins) are shared. Your readers can pin those images to their virtual pinboards. 

Facebook also likes images and you must have an image on your post to use their ad network. Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr also work well with eye-catching images.

5. Images Help In Readers Engagement

When you put images in your blog content, it not only makes your blog looks attractive, it also helps in the engagement time of your readers.

If you put good infographics or images that have meaningful interpretation, your readers will appreciate it.

It also makes them stay longer on your site.


Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

does-image-really-matter-in-my-blog-.png1.png1Finding images for your blog is easy and there are many websites that supply free images. 

You will find tons and tons of images which you can use for your site.

However, you must make sure to give credit for your images since most sites like Canva and Pixabay ask you to give credit for the image in return for your free use.

You can look for professional images at CanvaPixabay for free downloads, and of course, Google.

Conclusion On Do Images Really Matter On My Blog

Here are the reasons why you need images on your blog website

  1. Images help your readers to understand more
  2. Images break up space
  3. Images improve your search engine rankings
  4. Images help you get more shares and likes from social media
  5. Images help your readers to engage more

Do you think images are important? Give your comment below.

Image Sources: Canva & Google.

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