Best Affiliate Marketing Tips 2020

If You Are Looking For  The Best Tips On How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer In 2020, You Are In The Right Place …

If you are reading this page, I assumed that you are already an affiliate marketer. If you aren’t yet, don’t worry, read on and you will still gain valuable nuggets of knowledge from it.

Affiliate marketing is the most rewarding and easy way to make money online if you do it right! Thousands of people do affiliate marketing but few people actually crash it.


You see, there isn’t just one blueprint that I can say you will become successful if you do this. But, there are some tried and tested strategies that work and can help you become a successful affiliate marketer in 2020.

How can you become a successful affiliate marketer then?


#1.  Do Your Research First

Best-affiliate-marketing-tips-2020Don’t freak out when I said this. I am not asking you to do a word to word research on affiliate marketing.

What I mean is you do your research in such a manner that you are able to understand your audience.

It may seem a lot of work. But, trust me. It will pay off and you don’t have to do that again and again.

For example:

If you are interested in promoting the products in the health and fitness niche, see the common advertisements you often saw in the search engines and market place.

Find out what type of products are the most popular ones.

#2. Have Your Own Website

Best-affiliate-marketing-tips-2020It is not compulsory to have one, though. But, as we said before if you want to be one of the few who succeeded in the affiliate marketing business consider having a website of your own.

Let me tell you why…

In addition to buying ads and promoting your offers through sales funnels which also cost a lot of money, do this instead – Start a Blog and write good content regarding the products you are promoting.

Don’t be intimidated. It has its own learning curve and you will understand it as you continue to grow gradually. Educate your audience on product uses and benefits or disadvantages, etc.

Don’t be scared to over-deliver. Just give your best shot at the same time incorporate relevant products and services apart from the products you are already promoting.

For example:

Since the health and fitness niche is vast, let’s assume you are promoting gym equipment.

You can very well educate your readers about the importance of proteins or healthy diets and promote those products too along with the equipment.

They are not only valuable, but they are also very relevant as a bodybuilder needs to watch his/her dietary intake.

In marketing, relevance is very important. So, promote only products that add value or are directly relevant to the content that you create.

Stick to relevancy.

Don’t worry about the price of the product. As long as it really works and is valuable, your readers will still buy from you.

How will they buy it if the product cost is high?

That leads to…

#3. Being Honest

Honesty and transparency go hand in hand. Be honest and disclose the fact that you are an affiliate. You can do it within your content or elsewhere on your website.

Give your honest reviews on the products –  not what the promoter promises.

Your viewers will appreciate your honesty and start trusting you as an internet marketer.

The best approach would be to test or use the product yourself and then give your review on what you expected and how the product turns out and all… however, that is not literally possible. You can however give your honest feedback by digging deep into the product info and user reviews and then share that with your audience.

#4. Create Trust

Gones are the days when you just give much hype about a product and people just flogged in to buy.

Nah! It’s far gone and just the opposite of it.

Build trust by promoting those products which you have really tried it yourself or someone in your family or friend have really tried them and liked!

Don’t worry even if it’s a few.

If you try to spam them with ads and products which you never buy, then chances are they will get irritated and leave you forever.

Once you build trust, your repeat visitors can save you a lot of marketing effort.

They can act as your promoters – by promoting your content on social media or by word of mouth. They can also give you valuable feedback. This can help you create better and better content based on their inputs.

Returning customers will improve your rankings too.

Sharing your personal case study on how the product helped you is always a great way of earning their trust.

Remember, if you have to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need the support of your readers or viewers.

One way you can earn their trust and support is by being transparent with them.

#4. Give High Value And Information To Your Readers

Interact with your readers. Provide suggestions and advice based on your experience.

Give detailed honest reviews of the product you are promoting.

Be generously helpful and over-deliver it. Your customers will love you for this.

Also, link your content with other information on the net like Wikipedia or YouTube videos if you don’t have the necessary content on your site.

#5. Stay Relevant And Update Your Contents Accordingly

From time to time update your content. The content you have created is your ASSETS that has the potential to provide returns to you in the future.

Updating your content is also good for SEO and will also help to improve your search engine rankings.

Make sure that you customize your promotional materials like– banners, social media posts, etc. to suit your audience.

Constantly monitor the popular marketplaces in your niche. Keep adding valuable content to your website, make use of social media, promote more products, and most importantly, focus on driving targeted traffic to your website.

#6. Treat Affiliate Marketing As A Real Business

Best-affiliate-marketing-tips-2020If you want to be successful, you have to be serious about this business. Never underestimate the power of Affiliate marketing.

Treat affiliate marketing as it as you would treat a job.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick get rich scheme. If somebody offers you- run as far away as you could before you end up into something which is not reliable at all.

#7. Be Patient And Be Consistent

In whatever we do, patience and consistency is the key to make us successful.

For example:

You don’t know how to play the guitar but want to learn. You enrolled in a course and attended 2 or 3 classes but if you fail to practice you will end up knowing nothing!

It’s very difficult to play the guitar for the first time. Putting your fingertips on the right note doesn’t give you the right tone… in fact, it gives an awful sound in the beginning.

But with patience and consistency, you strive on and there comes a day a musical sound came out. That is the day you know how to really play guitar.

I have learned how to play guitar myself and I know how much hard work I gave to be able to play any song within a month. I literally practiced 3 hours a day to achieve it! I’m not a pro though.

#8. Building Your List

Best-affiliate-marketing-tips-2020Your subscriber lists are your gold-mine. On average 90% of sales are done through email marketing.

Those super affiliates don’t tell you is that they are using their email list to build their fortune.

The money is on the list. And if you are not building your email list, it’s like leaving your money on the table for someone else!

Email marketing is not dead and it is definitely here to stay.

But be careful not to take over advantage of your list by spamming them with offers every now and then.

Do so very sparingly and with valuable information.


Promoting digital products is more awarding as there are no physical movements of products like packing, shipping, or delivery and they also convert more.

The payments are also instantly accessible and many of them also have recurring membership which means you will get commissions as long as the person stays an active member of the program. 

To Sum Up

Affiliate marketing is not easy as some of those ‘Gurus’ out there hyped about in their contents or videos.

I started out a few years back watching those videos and when I dig deeper came to know… “Man, there is so much to learn in here”… that was my tagline.

But, don’t be disheartened, otherwise, it is very easy to just lose hope! I must admit that it is very much doable if you are consistent and do it the right way.

If you are just starting, Start Affiliate Marketing The Right Way From The Beginning!

Maybe you have already started and hit a dead-end or want to start fresh, now is the right time.

Don’t procrastinate. Nor hop on to three or four things together. Just stick to ONE thing at a time, give your time and efforts – make it Work, and then MOVE on to the NEXT. This is the Secret to Being Successful!

Affiliate marketing can build your lifelong passive income streams if you are ready to give enough time and work on it!

Are you an Affiliate Marketer? What do you think is the most important thing you need to do?

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