Are Online Surveys For Money Real?

Are-Online-Surveys-For-Money-RealThere are hundreds of paid survey sites and it’s difficult to know if it’s genuinely helping your earn or just collecting your information and more frustratingly, wasting your precious time.

Most legit survey sites are free to sign up. All you need to do is input your correct information about you and your family, additional details about you and you are good to go.

They will send you notifications about those surveys which you may qualify for according to your location or country.

Of course, you won’t get rich taking surveys. And you practically might not accumulate 100s of dollars a day doing paid surveys because mostly, they give $0.50-$5 per survey.

But, each survey you took and completed will be worth a few dollars or reward points. If you happened to be in focus groups, you might even get around $200 but it hardly is available for everyone.

Most survey sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, etc gives you reward points that you can cash out for dollars. For example, Survey Junkie will let you cash out $1o for every 1000 reward points.

How To Know If A Paid Survey Site Is Legit

As we’ve already said, paid survey sites are definitely one of the legit ways to make some amount of money online.

Some of the red flags to look out for before signing up in any paid survey sites are: 

1. Survey sites that make you pay to participate in a survey

I don’t say, all are a scam but most survey sites that I am a part of and got rewarded are all free to sign up. 

In fact, why should you pay to give your opinion anyway? You should be paid to share your opinion instead. So, I haven’t paid to sign up on any paid survey sites yet, and have to find out which ones are legit.

2. Survey Sites That Promises You Huge Amount Of Money

I haven’t seen or heard anyone really getting rich doing surveys. If a survey site promises you huge payouts like in hundreds or thousands, then you better stay clear from it as it definitely is a scam.

3. Social Proofs And Reviews

Does the survey sites have social proofs? Are people talking about it? Are there any payment proofs? Genuine and legitimate survey sites have if not in hundreds but in thousands of people talking about them as most sites are available worldwide.

When you look for reviews, there is one important thing you have to keep in mind. That is, all the reviews might not be positive ones but you need not worry. What matters here is, whether the reviews are made on the same particular period of timeline.

Why is this important?

It is important because those bad reviews might be due to any technical issues in the site or some personal errors.

But, if any negative reviews are made on and off during a span of a few years, then it’s better to not waste your precious time on that site.

4. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a great concern. Although, it’s not easy and interesting to go through the long list of privacy terms and conditions of the site, it’s necessary to go through them once to know how transparent and how much your privacy matters for the site.

Always remember that survey sites are parts of legitimate marketing research firms and companies. These firms treat your information very carefully and will only disclose any specific information about you with your permission, however. If you are not satisfied with the policies, then you can stay away from it.

5. Payments

How are the payments made? And what is the minimum payment threshold? How often did they pay? These things should be clearly stated on the survey site.

You have to make sure you clearly understand how the payments are done and how you can redeem them for cash or coupons in case of a point system.

One more thing you should make sure of with the payment system is the option must be available in your country too.

What would be more frustrating than you trying to cash out your rewards and found that the payment options are not available in your country?

So, check if the payment options are accepted in your country first before you even participate in any survey. Believe me, it will save you lotta headaches later on!

How Much Can You Actually Earn From Survey Sites?

As a matter of fact, there is no specific amount as it depends on how many sites you have registered into and where you live.

More survey opportunities are available for people who live on the western side like United States, United Kingdom, etc.

The way to earn the most with paid surveys is to sign up with three to eight of the sites.  There are so many surveys available from each company, so being available for multiple sites is going to maximize your earnings.

Moreover, you won’t have to wait for surveys to be available. You will get constant survey supplies from these different sites which will allow you to pursue these sites aggressively.

You should also keep in mind that often times, they also have a cap on how many people can take that specific survey and if you are able to fill in quickly, you will make more money from it.


There are many legit survey sites in which you can sign up for free and make a decent amount of money in sharing your opinion and views.

If you want faster and quicker money, then these survey sites might not meet your need. However, survey sites are one of the most legitimately free ways to make money online.

The bottom line is, according to the more sites you registered to and the more surveys you take, you can earn around $300 or more.

And if you have spare time, this definitely is one of the ways to utilize your time. You can take surveys while you are watching your favorite T.V channels, while traveling or waiting for someone, etc.

What would be more rewarding than trading your spare time for money which you would be wasting it anyway?

And if you feel doing survey sites are such a waste of time which I also definitely feel so … then there is no better time than now for starting your own business now.

You don’t need to be a master in something to start with. If you can very well register to survey sites, that means you have ample knowledge that is required to run your online business.

Having your own business gives you so much freedom in the long run that you would even regret why you haven’t thought of starting it much earlier! I kid you not!

If you take action and try investing your time and money on something that develops you rather than just being content with surveys, I can proudly say that a few months from now on, you will see your perspective changing … as your perspective in life changes, you will achieve new goals that will lead you to the path of financial stability and satisfaction!

Take action now. Go ahead and BE the SKILL You Want To Be!

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