7 Reasons Why You Fail In Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered how those successful affiliate marketers became what they are today?

It’s easy to think they might have been successful from the very start! However, in most cases, that’s not so! They have struggled as you did in their beginning days. Failed and laughed at by their friends and family members. Yet, they don’t lose heart. They looked for ways to become successful, training themselves.

If you have been reading this, then I know you are in that spot. But, do not lose hope! Just hang on to what you believe and be practical. 

Here are some of the main factors why you fail in affiliate marketing. Understand them and avoid them.

The most common Reasons Why You Fail In Affiliate Marketing Are…

#1. Shiny Object Syndrome

There is a saying ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’. 

In simple words, Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is a distraction disease that makes people hop on one thing to another without completing what is at their hand in the present.

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketing-4With the internet flooded with thousands of tools and systems that promise huge returns, it’s kind of natural and so easy to fall into the trap of trying to grab all you could lay your hands upon! This lets your attention be divided and you won’t be able to focus on one thing and be successful. You will have uncountable pending projects because you hop on one project to another without finishing the one that’s in your hand. 

So, if you think you have this syndrome, stop it right now. Focus on what you have at hand, train, and discipline yourself to master that first. Once you gained the skill and become successful in doing that, move on to other projects.

Refrain yourself from becoming the ‘Jack Of All Trades’ because it will lead you nowhere.

#2. Not Building Digital Assets

Digital assets can be all those digital things that you can claim as your own.

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketing-2The common digital assets affiliate marketers should have and build are:

1. Email List

This is one of the most important assets you will ever have because once you have the email list of those people who are interested in what you have to offer, you can sell and resell them whatever you want using an autoresponder. But, be aware to send them quality products otherwise they will unsubscribe from you instantly. Your offer must be good and relevant.

If you haven’t used an autoresponder before, don’t worry GetResponse is one of the cheapest and easiest to use. It also offers free credits for first sign up. Get your Free credits with GetResponse here now.

2. Blog

If you really want to be successful at affiliate marketing, you need to have your own website where you promote your affiliate links. Moreover, having your own website linked to the products you promoted creates more trust and credibility. 

You need not sell out hundreds of dollars for a basic website. You can go for the free version of Wix which is one of the easiest drag and drop website builders. Or you can check out the cheapest web-hosting providers here. I used SiteGround for most of my hostings, though it’s not cheap the I never have complained about the services it provided to me all these years.

Another cheaper and affordable trusted by millions of people around the world is Bluehost. You can check out why I choose SiteGround here.

However, I must also warn you that blogging takes time. I mean, you cannot just put out crabby articles or copy-paste articles on the web. Thousands of those are available on the net every day. Who would bother to read those anyway!

Content is not the ‘King’ anymore… but you still need good and informative contents that really are helpful. And naturally, for that, you need to give time and effort to put out the best you could.

3. Social Media Platform

Another very important platform you must not avoid building your social media presence and following using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Create pages related to the project you are promoting. You can share whatever you want on your pages. Make sure you adhere to the terms and conditions of the platform you are using so that you won’t get a block. Facebook won’t allow you to post your ‘Links’… But, there are some ways you can do so like instead of writing passiveinflow.com which won’t be shown anyway by Facebook, you can put it this way. passiveinflowdotcom (replace the ‘dot’ with a . ) or anything like this. You got my point!

4. YouTube Videos

When it comes to YouTube videos, I know it’s not everybody’s cup of coffee to create videos, showing their faces, and be confident in front of the camera.

But, there are numerous ways in which you can easily make YouTube videos that don’t need your face to be shown. You can choose software like Filmora, Vidnami (previously known as Content Samurai), Clideo, etc. for free. However, with the free versions, you can create your videos for a few minutes and it will have the software logo with it. 

If you are serious about creating good videos and make money,  I would highly recommend you to go for the premium version – they are not very costly. Filmora comes with a one-time payment of only $ 7.99 monthly, but for lifetime access, you need to pay only $ 69.99. They also often update the software. You can get Filmora here at a very reasonable one-time payment while the offer lasts!

Some might find it beginner’s software, however, the ease of use makes it possible for everybody to be able to create professional-quality videos right from the start! You can check it for yourself by using the free version first, and if it suits you go for the premium one!

Videos have very high conversion rates as it captures more attention and it is easier to gain the trust of people. never create YouTube videos? Here is a step-by-step guide on How To Create YouTube Videos.

These are a few of the assets which you definitely must build otherwise it would be like you are leaving so much money on the table for someone else to grab!

#3. Not Re-Investing Your Profits

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketing-6One of the secrets to being a successful affiliate marketer is to re-invest the profits they have made instead of using it all and buy whatever they want!

You can rinse and repeat on a higher amount as you know the sure-way now! Be cautious about investing a higher amount when you are trying out something new. 

There is a vast difference between getting whatever you and whatever you need.

If you really need something that will escalate your success and profits, go ahead and do your purchase. But, if it’s something you just want and not your need… then it would be the best choice to wait for some time more?

#4. Not Updating Your Knowledge

You must be always ready to learn new skills that will help you grow.

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketing-5Never stop at what you are doing. Updating your knowledge constantly will help you to excel in what you do. You won’t be left behind. In fact, it will lead you to a more successful path ahead.

Many marketers just stop updating their knowledge and are stuck someplace. Never stop updating yourself with what is trending and gear up to be on par with the present trends. Let me tell you one secret – many people know this but they are too damn lazy to do anything extra… So, you have the opportunity to excel here if you thoroughly do your homework!

#5. Not Doing Split Testing And Tracking Your Projects

This is very important you are mostly doing solo ads. Even if you have the money and see your ads are converting, doing split testing on what converts more will increase your profits more than double or triple what you are getting right now.

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketing-3 Do not under-estimate the results you might get after doing your split test – you might be surprised to see the difference.

Tracking is very important – it is something that cannot be separated along with running the ads itself because you won’t be able to know where you stand without proper tracking.

One inseparable tracking tool trusted used by 7-figure marketers is ClickMagick. It gave you data on your customer which will help you plan ahead.

Try out the 14 days free trial of ClickMagick here.

#6. Not Having A Mentor

You must have heard many successful marketers talking about having a mentor or two who specialized in your niche.

You can very well be successful without a mentor. But, most of the time, you will take more time to be successful in what you are doing.

I have been in the same situation before, where I feel I don’t need any mentor. After trying to do things on my own, and spending months of trying to figure out what works, doing, re-doing, or undoing my hard work I finally came to the point that my frustration boils. That is when I finally decided to go for a mentor.

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketingWhen I do get a mentor, I realized, I should have had one from the beginning – At least, I will then know how to go about it the ‘Right Way’. 

But, I must also warn you there are hundreds of the so-called gurus out there who claimed to know everything but don’t really know anything! All they did was convincing people especially the beginners and taking away their hard-earned money in the promise of ‘ False Success’.

One of my mentors is James. I signed up for the Evergreen Wealth Formula and learned many new things. It gave me a clear perspective on how to earn more money online. You can check out my review of the Evergreen Wealth Formula here. It’s not that cheap, however, I must say that it’s way much affordable and cheaper than many of the useful courses and programs out there! Believe me, you will learn more than you expected!

To know more, you can read about the importance of having a mentor here.

#7. Not Willing To Take Risk

Every form of investment requires some risk. Like going out to buy something in the market. Anything can even happen on the way. So, we are taking risks every day in our daily lives too. 

7-reasons-why-you-fail-in-affiliate-marketingWhy I am saying this is because many times when we heard the word ‘Risk’, it gave us some kind of ‘chills’ like a red signal or something. 

However, the risk we are talking about here is different as it involves money for some it might be a small amount, but for some, it will be a higher amount which depends on your capability to spend. If you really want to succeed in your business, you need to take risks at some point in time. Taking a risk does not necessarily mean spending money, it can be investing your time and efforts too.

Don’t let yourself be held back because you are not willing to take any risk. You can start by firstly investing in yourself. 

When investing your money into something, never invest a high amount at the start. Invest in a small amount to make your feet wet and understand the market well. Once you know what you are doing, and you are pretty sure it’s ‘Profitable’, then go ahead and invest as much as you want – who is stopping you anyway?

There are many more reasons why you fail at affiliate marketing. However, all those reasons summing up comes under these 7 categories we just talked about!

If it’s about you, then… It’s the perfect time to turn around and make everything right!

To Your Success!

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