6 Ways To Write Your Online Content Faster

You might have already heard people saying ‘Content Is King’ all the time… Well, to some extent it is. But there are many other options you still have to do if you really want your content to be seen!

What are the point in writing unique and quality content which catches no eyeballs anyways? Don’t you think so?

However, you must know that content is still, and will be the Currency of any online business because content attracts new visitors, helps you rank on search engine results, helps you grow and build followers.

Creating good content takes time and it’s hard too, especially when your blog is based on those  Evergreen niches which already have high competition in the market!

You cannot just copy-paste any article you like to your blog.

But there are some ways in which you can create quality content in lesser time.

Let’s see what options we have!



The 6 Ways To Write Your Contents Faster 

1. Make A Plan

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-fasterThe first and foremost thing you need to do is making a plan – an outline for your blog.

It is always good to make a plan beforehand by writing down the topic heading, subheadings, points, what all you want to cover in your content.

Outlining the content before you really start writing will make it easier for you to focus and help in the flow of your writing.

It will also prevent you to deviate from what you exactly want to write about which will save you much time.


2. Set Specific Time

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-faster1If you are planning to be a blogger, you need to take this seriously. You have to set a specific time for writing your content.

For many, it won’t be possible to take time out solely for your content at a specific time of the day, but it is possible to give an equal amount of time every day. Stick to the hours you have planned to give for your content.

However, it might not be always possible to be able to adhere to your fixed timing always. In situations like that, you can give extra time for the lost hours so that you can catch up with your needed hours.


3. Write Whatever That comes To Your Mind

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-faster2Start writing your content without re-reading and continue on the flow until you have no more words to write on!

While writing, something which is not directly related to the content you are writing but is somehow relevant will also come up in your mind. It’s alright to write all those down in another paragraph.



4. Don’t Keep On Editing

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-faster3As you keep on writing down whatever that comes to your mind, do not stop in between to do any correction. In other words, until you finish your content, do not edit your writings. Don’t look for spelling mistakes too. Once in a while if fine, but do not make it a routine to recheck it again and again.

The reason behind this is, if you keep on re-reading and editing your content before you are done, you will end up wasting time as this process will stop your creative flow of writing which will take some time for you to rethink and come back to your previous flow of thoughts and writing.


5. Avoid Distractions

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-faster4The best way would be to have a separate room or place when you are writing. However, this might not be possible for all.

And even if you do have a special room or your workplace, with little children around or many people in the house, getting distracted is somehow unavoidable.

Whatever it may be, try to avoid distractions as much as possible, if you cannot completely eliminate them. This will help in your workflow and will make you more focused and as a result, you will be able to write your content faster and more effectively. Apart from that, you can put your phone or notifications on silence mode.


6. Keep Your Content Short And To The Point

6-ways-to-write-your-contents-faster5By keeping your content short and to the point, it doesn’t mean that you should make your content short without giving value for the sake of keeping it shorter.

It means, try to get to the point and deliver value in fewer words, if possible.

Don’t try to unnecessarily stretch your contents for more words or keep on beating around the bush because your readers will lose interest and will get bored.

As long as you deliver value to your readers, then there is no much difference between 500 or 1500 words content with no real value whatsoever!

Conclusion On How To Write Your Content Faster

Writing a good quality post is not easy and it also takes time to master it properly. But with constant practice, you will become better and faster, and you will eventually be able to manage your blog more easily!

What matters the most is that your content should give valuable information and it must help and solve someone’s problem.

The length of the content doesn’t matter much. However, it depends on how you elaborate on the subject you wrote about. What I meant by trying to keep your content short and to the point is that, you must not keep on beating around the bush. 

According to your topic or subject, your content can be longer, and make sure it is informative and valuable for your readers.

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