5 Ways To Improve Your Business Blog

It’s obvious that when you ran a business blog you need to share every information about your company’s business including the location, contacts, products, and services you provided, under what authority you are registered, and so on.

Many business websites really need salvation in regard to the contents they provided. 

You might be surprised if I say that some simple changes to the business blog can lead you to better ranking in the search engines and hence more prospects.

Yes, there are simple things you can do yourself which works just fine!

So, the question arises …

How can you improve your blog for business

Here are ways to improve and  boost your blog quality


1. Updating With Informative Content

refreshing your contentApart from the normal company’s business news, your blog should contain updated information in relation to the business you ran even if you don’t provide the service right now but is congruent with your business. 

This will help your customer to trust your company for the latest information and ultimately it will build lasting relationships.

Be specific and to the point that gives value to your reader. It is also an awesome move if you post contents that are not directly related to your business but do relate to the products and services you provide.


2. Do Your Keyword Research

Before you even write your content, you must do keyword research. You can do so by using Google Keyword PlannerKeywords EverywhereTubeBuddy (YouTube), or Jaaxy. All are free to sign up.

Since they are free you won’t be getting the search volume or any figure. 

Usually, as a rule of thumb, the keywords on the top has the highest searched volume.

Let’s take the example with Google Keywords Everywhere – it’s free to sign up.



Type in your desired title as below in the Google search box.

how to improve your business blog in 2020



how to improve your business blog in 2020.png2


how to improve your business blog in 2020

Example of Jaaxy Keyword Finder:

how to improve your business blog in 2020

Now, note down at least 5 different keywords with good search volume relating to the content you were trying to write.

Now, create your title around those keywords. Long-tail keywords also perform well. Aim for keywords with 100 characters as that much will be shown. 

Be specific with your title and your keyword should be enticing.

You can also take an idea from the bottom of the Google search page which says ‘ people also ask’. 


3. Post Contents At Least Twice A Week

5-ways-to-improve-your-business-blog.jpg1Posting content on daily basis may not be possible when you have so many other things to focus on. 

It is also not a great idea to do so if your contents kinda suck! I mean if it does not deliver anything special!

However, the ideal amount of content you should be probably posting should be at least two. 

Here is a guide on how you can write your content faster without compromising on the quality.

If time was a scarcity, try to post at least one content a week to get noticed in the search engines.  

Your content should give value and must be useful and that will improve engagement with your subscribers. 


4. Use Videos And Images

5-ways-to-improve-your-business-blogUsing images for clarifying what your content is about will be very much appreciated by your readers.

If you are asking whether images matter or not, I must tell you that they do matters!

This will be more necessary if you are posting about instructions and manuals on ‘How to’. 

Video content would also provide the best engagement and understanding because visual stimulation works better than word of mouth! 


5. Use The Headings Correctly

There are 6 headings in a word format.

Using the right heading for SEO

You must be concerned with what heading you choose for your post title because they are said to be one of the factors in SEO ranking. 

Normally the title you enter in your WordPress is H1 by default. 

Only one H1 tag should be present in one post.  

Using more than one H1 will let the Goggle crawler use any one of your H1s which means your preferred keyword title might not be used.

You can use the H2 tag on the second important title and H3, H4, etc. tags for all other sub-titles.


Apart from the followings, there are also other things you can do to improve your blog contents like naming or renaming your video or images with the title of the blog for which you are using the image, writing a clear and descriptive title that people will understand at one glance what they are going to get in the blog, interacting with your audiences in the comment section, etc.

However, improving your business blog with the points we talked about will optimize it for better ranking in the search engines, after all, it’s not a thing or two only which helps you rank. 

It’s a cumulative combination of all those small steps and methods applied together that makes an impact on your blog in your search ranking!

Do you find this post helpful? Have you applied all these points?

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