5 Best Ways To Make Money From Home For Beginners

Making money from home is not a ‘hype’ nor is it an ‘impossible’ task! It is doable and achievable if you really know how to go about it!

If you have just taken a baby step or is yet to start your journey with those ideas you have been pondering in your head to venture into this world of making money from home online or offline, and are looking for the best ways to start with (after all, Well beginning is half done), you will have the right answers here!

According to askwonder.com, published in 2017, Gig economy is $1.5 trillion, with over 77 million freelancers currently operating in Europe, India, and the U.S. 


No doubt, the technology is advancing to such a height that you can not even comprehend. This creates ample opportunities for someone like you who is willing to get your legs in the digital world to make a living out of it.

If you are willing to put in your efforts right from the beginning, the sky will be the limit for your success. You can literally make money from home even if you are a beginner if you know what you are doing!

According to the market trends and research, here are the 5 Best Ways To Make Money from the comfort of your home.


the 5 Best and Practical ways to make money from home


1. Affiliate Marketing


Have you ever recommended anything to anyone be it to your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues in your life?

By anything or any product that can be as simple as toothpaste, books, mobile apps, food… and the list goes on…

I am very much certain your answer must be ‘Yes’ because every now and then we do give suggestions and comments on some products which we like and use! And that is Affiliate marketing! You are unknowingly promoting a product for free!

Now, in the practical sense of making money from home online, Affiliate marketing is the process in which you get a commission from the sales when you promote products or services to someone without any extra cost to them!

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online from the comfort of your home as all you have to do is just promoting! 

It is that simple. However, as I said earlier you have to give some effort on your part to make good money out of it!

Most companies are looking for someone to help them promote their products as running advertisements are expensive. This is where you come in!

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing?

You can sign up for free as an affiliate partner for any product or services you want to promote. 

You will be given a ‘referral link’ that is a unique id. Whenever someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will get a commission without any extra cost.

Here is a step-by-step guide on Starting with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most simple and easy ways to make money from the comfort of your home. You can either go for digital products or physical products. The choice is yours.

Whatever products you choose to promote, all you have to do is share your affiliate link or code to others and you get paid when they purchase the items.



2. Freelancing

By Freelancing, it means you are selling your expertise or skills to a company or individual. 

The competition is very high as much as affiliate marketing is! However, if you are creative and have a unique skill, then you have a higher chance of success.

There is no limit to the service you can provide as a freelancer. You can offer work like –

  • Content writing
  • Scheduling or sending emails
  • Social media Graphic creations
  • Social media scheduling
  • Web Design Services
  • Event or Calendar Management
  • Webinar or live workshop assistance
  • Customer Service emails
  • Travel research and bookings
  • Appointment settings
  • Facebook Ads
  • Course Launch Strategies
  • Online Business Management
  • And the list goes on…

When you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss. You work according to your decision.

Thousands of people make money from home working as a freelancer.

You can directly approach any company or sign up and create your account for free at Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Hiresine, etc.

Do not expect to get a good amount of customers at the start unless you have something which is very high in demand. However, you must be persistent to succeed. 

I must warn you that, at the beginning of starting anything, you might feel that it is not going to work or you might even lose heart.

I want to encourage you that, if someone like me can do it, so can you!

As you gradually gain the trust of more people and get good reviews for your work, your earning will also automatically increase.

Much like affiliate marketing, you have the freedom to work in your own time and place.

Once you have your hands full with projects, you can outsource them also. That means you will give this project to someone else at the lower price you charged and then deliver the finished project to your customer.

But, I must warn you that you should always strive for quality over quantity because that is the only way you can gain the trust of your customers.

Once your customers are happy and satisfied, they will be the ones to recommend you to other people. Don’t be afraid to overdeliver.

If you always focus on delivering your very best, it will be just a matter of time that you started to make more and more money from home online.

The common benefits of being a freelancer are:

  • You are an independent contractor as you did not work under any boss. You own your business.
  • You set your own hours of working.
  • You set your own rate for the services you provide.
  • You yourself decide when, where, and how you will work.
  • You create your own systems for working, including your own payment, etc.

Here is a step-by-step guide on Starting With Freelancing.


3. Dropshipping


Even though dropshipping might look intimidating, (which every beginner feel at the start), you might love it later on as you know how it is much easier than you thought!

You can literally sell anything online from as simple as a needle to rubber bands, furniture, any pieces of jewelry and accessories, and the list goes on. 

Yes, you can literally sell anything under the sun whether it is new or used ones!

One of the simplest and free ways to get started is by registering yourself at eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Instamojo, and start selling. 

You will only be charged a small fee for using their platform. 

If you have your own product which you want to sell, this is a good start.

OLX is also one of the popular sites where you can sell your things. However, with sites like OLX, it is better your customer personally picked up the goods and you take the money in cash as there are many scammers who fooled sellers.

If you want to have full control of what you sell and get the profits by yourself, platforms like Shopify, Teespring are ideal. 

All you need to make money from home as a beginner is a smartphone (not necessarily an iPhone… any smartphone which allows you to browse the net will work perfectly) or a computer with a working internet!

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to start with Dropshipping.

Another way in which you can make money is by Drop Shopping.

Instead of you actually working on products and selling them, you can take a contract for a project with a higher amount and outsource it with a much lower price in a place like Fiverr, and then you pocket the difference.

For example:

You offered to build a website for $200. When you land a client, you outsource it to someone on Fiverr who charge around $50 to build a website.

You then deliver the finished project to your client and pocket $150! It’s lucrative.

It sounds simple and easy. However, you need more of advertising your proposition to favorable clients.


4. Start Blogging

Actually, blogging sounds so simple and people make it sound like you will make money out of it right away!

When you really sat down and start your own blog, it will dawn on you that it is not that as easy as many people say! 

I said this not to discourage you. All I want is for you to have the right mindset before you started to blog.

However, I must tell you that if you know what you are doing, you can earn a good amount of money by blogging alone!

There are free platforms like Medium, Blogger where you can register for free and start your blogging journey.

But I must say that the best and right way to start is to have your own domain name – your own brand right from the beginning!

Be careful not to start blogging based on your own passion alone. You need to base it on things that people are searching and looking for on the internet. After all, the main reason why you blog is to make money out of it, right?

There are many things you need to learn first before you actually started to write your first blog.

It’s not that easy as 1,2,3 as you have seen on the net or videos where people make it sound so easy like 1,2,3…

Therefore, I am honestly telling you to educate yourself with the right information, do some research, and then get started!

Do not just blindly grab whatever you saw!

Believe me, doing the corrections for what you thought was right before will wear you out and also will consume your time and energy!

Now, you need to select your niche – a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

How much you will make money out of it depends on your niche and content – the right efforts you gave to it!

Focus on giving valuable information that will serve and help your readers.

Once you decided on what niche you will go for, it’s time to register a domain name. And you need a hosting provider to host the domain name of your choice.

Some people prefer to buy domain names from a different company other than the hosting company.

However, I would suggest you buy it from the same hosting provider as most of them give free domain name for the first year.

Another advantage of getting your domain from your hosting provider is that you need not do any DNS changes. It is not difficult, however, I feel this all add up to unnecessary headache if someone is not technical at all!

Now, a domain is your identity on the Web. It is a naming system that allows people to easily navigate the servers and web pages. Your domain name becomes your Brand. It is like your home address.

You can choose from these top 6 hosting companies.

In fact, blogging goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing.

Here is my reason why. If you write content based on the products you are promoting, it will increase your credibility.

That makes it easier to make sales as your audience trust you and you have given them insights on the particular products they are searching for!

With blogging, you can make money from the comfort of your home as you stay organized and post contents which are relevant and solve the problems of your readers.

Here is a step-by-step guide on Starting A Blog.


5. Write eBooks


eBooks are those electronic versions of physical books that can be read by using a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

If you are someone who is passionate about writing, this one is for you. eBooks give you truly passive income in the sense that you put your effort once and then after it is published you get paid whenever someone buys it.

And yes, even if you are not passionate about writing you still can create ebooks!

I mean, if you have specific expertise on very specific topics that can help others, you can hire someone for a small fee to create it for you.

Many people even buy PLR books with master resell rights and change the names and sell those ebooks. Some even make a good amount of money doing so.

However, the downside is, buying all those master rights will cost you money and if your books don’t sell like hotcakes, then you are sure to burn a hole in your wallet!

You will get few ebooks for free once you register with PLR. You can take ideas from those free ebooks you downloaded and start creating your ebook. 

You can create ebooks on any topic of your expertise. Some people even create ebooks based on other’s work! The options are endless!

However, make sure it solves the problems for which people are seeking. The more you give valuable information, the more you will earn trust.

Your earnings with the ebook will depend mainly on the following criteria:

  1. The values you provided in your book.
  2. The competition in the same niche.
  3. The pricing of your ebook.
  4. How your book sells.

Here is a step-by-step guide on Creating Your First eBook.

Final Say On 5 Best Ways To Make Money From Home For Beginners

Apart from the 5 ways mentioned above, there are also very good ways in which you can make money online from your home.

You can consider starting a YouTube channel, Create a course using Udemy, Sell your stock images, and much more. Here are many other ways in which you can make money.

There are many ways too in which you can earn money from your home not only online but offline.

Honestly, with offline, the money you will get is almost instantly and very fast. That is why many people would prefer running or starting a business offline.

Moreover, with a business that is offline like any Food stall, Photocopy shops, General Stores, Stationeries, etc your profits are greater if you wisely run the business.

So, making money from home is not limited to the internet only. You can very well make good money offline.

All you need is an idea and skill that works – A skill that can solve the problems of others! You don’t need to be a degree holder or any certificate holder to make money!

In fact, many successful entrepreneurs who ran several businesses are high school dropouts!

All you need is your head to figure out what you can sell to others for a price!

So, what skill do you have that you can sell to others and make money out of it?

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