4 SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided By Bloggers

While blogging is an exciting way of exploring and venturing into your creativity of expressing your thoughts, there is one thing you really have to consider if you want people to read your blog – That is optimizing your blog for SEO (search engine optimization).

Understanding how to implement the right SEO techniques will massively improve your blog ranking in the search engines.

I might not be wrong in saying that SEO is the most used word in the internet business and sometimes it sounds like it’s kind of complex and hard to implement by people like you and me! Many people offer SEO services as if it’s a plug-in-and-play type of software!

Don’t be intimidated by this. SEO is far more achievable than you might think! Working on the points we are going to talk about will set you on the right path!



Here are the 4 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid


1. Not Doing Proper Keyword Research First

4-seo-mistakes-to-be-avoided-by-bloggersYou need to do your keyword research before writing your blog. Search for specific keywords on which you are planning to base your content. Note down a few keywords related to your topic and try to come up with a suitable title. This will help people to find your blog faster.



2. No Descriptive Title

The first thing which will make people click your blog to read what you have to say is your title. You might be tempted to put a catchy title but if it isn’t clear on what it must be about, then it’s unlikely that you will get readers. 

Do not use vague titles. 


You need a good, descriptive title that will catch the attention and interest of people and encourage them to click through it. 

Remember, the first impression is the last impression.


3. No Keyword In Your Contents

Keywords play a big role in ranking your blog. Some keywords will naturally appear in your content. However, you must incorporate some high performing keywords intentionally in your blog content wherever it is required and relevant.

You must also be careful not to stuff too many keywords into your content which can easily lead to something that is unreadable and enjoyable.

You can use tools like Keywords Everywhere or JaaxyThey weren’t free, but are very much cheaper and did pretty good jobs. Another Free Keyword research tool gaining good popularity is WordTracker.


4. No Author Bio

An author’s bio along with your post is the fastest way to build trust and reputation with your readers.


Even though you might not meet face to face, knowing you from your bio itself will create a warm connection between you and your readers.

Your author bio should be linked to your social media profiles to help you build a link network to boost SEO. Your social media profiles should then link back to your blog, creating a back-link web that Google will follow!

Since back-links play a remarkable part in getting you ranked, you should include this author bio link everywhere whether your guest post or simply comment in a forum on another website.

There you are! These are the main 4 SEO mistakes every blogger should avoid.

What do you think will have more impact if not applied?

Share your experience in the comment section below so that others can also learn from you too!

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